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Friday, May 30, 2008


i guess i have a favorite graphic...

Recycler CI 5:55pm EST


Today: gym, elliptical, stretch, work, ordered decorating items for new place, ***completed & distributed 1st issue of newsletter for volunteer group*** :) Made/ate dinner when got home.

Tonight: more effort on lower level.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Falcon Friday CI

Hi all,

Next up for me: 

  • Drink some water
  • Put on sneakers/grab ipod
  • go for walk
  • Check in here about sorting papers 


Falcon CI paperwork

So, I have papers all over the place.  I'm not sure what is in a lot of them, and am not sure where I stand financially at the moment. 

Of course, this anxiety motivates me to go through the papers and bring myself up to date. . . NOT!   No, the anxiety gives me a total aversion to those papers, and motivates me to want to go surf the net and distract myself. 

 So I not only have to deal with the darn papers, but with my resistance to the papers.  What on earth makes my brain think this is an effecient way of dealing with anxiety?  Sheesh.

O.k., next up, I need to eat dinner.  After I eat dinner, but before I go out, I will take a few minutes to at least THINK about the stupid papers and make some plans for tackling them. 


Falcon CI paperwork strategies

Hmm, o.k.  Here are some paperwork thoughts. . .

I have some free time here and there over the weekend.  I think my goals will be:  sort out the financial stuff from the other stuff.  Balance checkbook.  Do anything that urgently needs doing and plan for getting non-urgent stuff done.

Probably best if I work at it in, say, 10 or 20 minute intervals (depending on my stamina!) so as not to get overwhelmed.


Falcon CI starting now

As it turns out, I don't have to go out tonight, which means I have to make good on my paperwork strategies.  Bleah.

O.k., as an incentive for getting started, I'm going to sync my ipod for podcasts.  While it's syncing, I'll work on sorting for ten minutes.  (And then when I get to the next round, I'll have podcasts to listen to while sorting.) 


Falcon CI ten minutes

O.k., I finally spent 10 minutes clearing off the kitchen island after much foot dragging and some "productive procrastination"  (i.e. I clipped the cat's claws & did a couple of other chores that I'd been putting off but which seemed less dreadful than clearing papers!)

Gad, what a mess.  It still looks pretty awful.  But at least I got started and put a dent in it.  I'm going to put in another 10 minutes and then call it a night. 


Falcon CO

Hey, not too bad!  I got the stuff on the island either put away or sorted into semi-logical piles, and found that my credit card bill is not overdue (whew!)

Good night, everyone! 


pro's CI - 4:20pm

No work yet today. I went to the gym this morning, then read for a while, then went to the dentist, and then read the rest of the afternoon until I finished my novel. I spent half the time at a cafe, the other half outside in a park - it's a beautiful day. I need to spend some time today on the paper pile.

It's pretty dreadful (the paper pile, that is). I realize as I go through it that most of the time I'm not sure what to do with things, which is why I have the paper pile.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Journey 10:45 12:45 5 pm

Meeting is over and it went well.  A quick glance at my MITs, which should still be same as yesterday, as I spent more time than planned on trying to load test data.  I'm feeling behind on these scripts, but here's the thing:  it's really not my fault.  I've worked hard and run into unexpected difficulty that I'm resolving - so I don't feel at all guilty.  That's a nice change.   

12:45 made another difficult phone call at lunch today and have another one to go.   Still working on test data.   The test system crashed in the middle of my batch job this time.  (not because of my job lol!)  

5 pm Still working on the stupid job . . . made some progress and got parts of it to work at least.  I'm burned out on it for now, and will tackle it again on Monday.

Have a nice weekend everyone!




"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

Lark at 9:20am

Wow, I got up early this morning, but now I'm running late. Hope this isn't a sign for how the day will be. It seems I've accomplished everything this week but the important stuff. Today, one dreaded task must be finished. Also, the workshop is a horrible mess, so a bit of tidying would be a good idea. The house is better than average. Yeah!! This week's drastic reduction of caffeine is physically better than I thought, but psychologically I'm a bit off center (I sometimes seem to get whiffs of brewing coffee.). Oh well...
spiritual time
dreaded task
clean shop
sort laundry
clean bathroom
finish sections of three projects

Coffee hallucinations!

Hi Lark,

Best of luck getting through the Dreaded Task (despite the coffeepot hallucinations!) 


kromer 9:05

OK, overslept by an hour this morning--I meant to be in lab by 8:30, and I'm not in lab yet...

Today I need to:
*Spend 2 focused hours doing background reading
*Research 15 proteins
*Look at highly connected HATs
*Talk to PF
*Go to lab mtg
*Feed cells
*Do data entry from last expt.
*Turn in receipts
*Email about grad tickets
*Go to youth group
*Get comprehensive list of HDACs

I'm going to research 5 proteins, then pack up my stuff and go to lab, then research 10 more, then go to lab mtg

kromer 1:45 CI

OK, lots of work to do!

I had promised to finish data entry by the end of the day today, and I've told my advisor I'll get him statistics on chromatin modifiers by Monday. I'm committed to meeting those deadlines.

This is fairly dull work, but I know it's all important and worth doing. So I'm going to suck it up and get it done as quickly as possible, and I hope I'll still have some time to goof off this weekend.

I'm going to work for an hour on getting a comprehensive list of HDACs. Then I'm going to do data entry, and go feed my cells. Finally I'll turn in receipts and email about grad tickets. I need to leave for youth group at 4:30 (I want to walk there, so I can get some exercise in today). After youth group I'll get back to work (finish getting list of HDACs, do some background reading).

Step by step plan for getting list of HDACs:
1)Get from PFAM (20 min) (DONE)
2)Get from GO (15 min) (DONE)
3)Get from Entrez Gene (45 min)
4)Get from Uniprot (45 min)

kromer 3:30 very frustrated

Grr to myself, I'm going very slowly and getting distracted easily.

I'm going to turn in receipts, because I need to get away from the computer for a bit! 

Then I'm going to put media in to warm and make sure I have a key to get in over the weekend, then spend 30 minutes doing data entry, then feed cells and walk to youth group. 

kromer 10:30 CI

Back from youth group (went late, and then I goofed around a bit...)

I fed cells and turned in receipts before I left.

I'm going to spend 30 minutes working on my list of HDACs, then spend an hour doing data entry, then email CY, ED and CC and then take a shower and go to bed.  

Journey 8:50

Happy Friday!

I've been to the gym and prepared for my 9:30 meeting.  Now I'm getting coffee and getting back to work on that stupid test data. 

I got to bed 10 minutes earlier last night (9:50) and I feel great this morning.  Maybe that 10 minutes was the tipping point lol!


"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

c ci

hard to transition from vacation. Feel the urge to go be distracted. Posting to gain strength.
BE browsing what i missed here.
[edit 8:25]: hmmm 25 minutes browsing 4 days of content. I suppose that's alright. Now i need to log into work and see what exciting things have happened while i was gone.
[edit 8:45]: 20min so far of browsing past email. Have to keep logging things accumulated for me to do, and it bores me and i feel the urge to go do something more fun, so i'm owning that here and, as journey said (i see you're on line) tell my mind who's in charge. lol.
[edit 8:50]: see! that only took 2 min!

[edit 9:15]: slogging thru old email took 50 min. It was not so bad. But when i was finished, i got another urge to do something more fun. Hmmm that's 3 urges today so far. No wonder i need this fellowship.
Now to set MITs.
[edit 9:40]: 25min but i didnt set MITs. I did mull them over while i was making breakfast. in a "when we retire" way, i'm going to say that was not best, but could be worse.
[edit 9:55]: uh oh, 15 minutes web distraction. "Choosing to" set those MITs. I and surrender myself to HiPo, including that urge to fill that void. In fact...
[edit 10:25]: that was 30 min of not so MIT. And i still haven't set mine. This is 45 min of diversions now. I'm going to chat to break it down further...

[edit 11:35]: whew, that was hard. Another 1hr10min incl distractions to set my MITs. 2hr20min total to corral my brain to do this. But... look on the bright side, it's before noon! Now i selected my first 2.
[edit 11:55]: 20min to do first MIT. that's long. Keep a balacned view.
[edit 12:05]: 10min to do MIT 2. Now routine mid-day tasks. "routine"... funny... I give praise to god as i understand him that i can even partly say that!
[edit 3:20pm]: it's been 3hr15min. I've done my mid-day tasks. They took 40 min longer than i planned. Then some other MITs arose. Then i had a 1hr meeting, then some other MITs. But all home stuff. Choose to get back to work now.

[edit 1am]: well, finally had good progress on work MITs. Had more home MITs arise. Had great family time. Ah, then i worked on non-MITs for a few hours. But now quiet time w/ God as i understand God.

this post seems too long. Maybe some of this would be better in chat.

be threadstarter

ironic lol

5 min threadstarter

not bad