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Friday, May 23, 2008


(...This is becoming a habit)

Falcon Friday CI/CO

Yikes, I'm up way later than I meant to be.

Checking in to encourage myself to get off the 'net and off to bed.  And also to think ahead for the weekend.  Tomorrow morning I intend to make a phone call in the morning, and when I get home in the afternoon I want to be aware and mindful -- not slip into avoidant behavior without thinking about it.  Checking in here in the afternoon would be a good thing to do.

See you all tomorrow.  Good night! 


Recycler CI 4:55pm ESt


I hope everyone is doing well :)

This is my first chance for a check-in since being back in the office on Tuesday -- it's been that busy!!!

While my home computer CPU is still down, I hope to go to Best Buy tomorrow to get a new one. My hope is that it will work when I plug it in, and I can start doing my daily check-in again from home.

Projects for this weekend: While I still have another month+ in my rental condo, I haven't packed away my winter things yet, so this weekend I will do that. It will be my first packing for my move! :)

Have a great weekend, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Journey 8:45 & updates throughout the day

Good morning!  It's Friday and Monday is a holiday for me so I'm looking forward to a long weekend.  I've been to the gym, and that's it.  Just got to the office, and not awake yet.  Going for coffee, then read email and set my MITs for the day.  I know I have to run out to the bank at lunch, otherwise not sure what I'm doing . . .

Update 10:15 I've read email, not much new mail so not processing this am.  I hung out at the coffeepot and gossipped for a while, not usually my style but enjoyable.  I'm feeling really nervous and tense this morning for no good reason.  I'm going to ignore this feeling and hope that it goes away .  Next, I will put my contacts in, then dig out some documentation to verify that I have my part of this ip stuff set up correctly.  I don't know what's wrong, but only one end of the connection is under my control so I'm thinking it's their problem.  ;-)

Update 3:15 Well, it was THEIR problem but my brilliant coworker was the one that figured it out!  It's working now.  Almost everyone has gone home since it's a holiday weekend.  I'm going to wrap up a couple of things and leave too.



"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

c ci 8:05am...11:50am

next: quiet time.

[edit 8:25]: check the 1 email, see if it's quickly actionable.
[edit 8:50]: 25 min--that was too long, now i'm just doing the boring task of adding it as an entry.
[edit 8:53]: see that only took 3 min. easy (in retrospect!). Now onto quiet time.
[edit 9:12]: oops, got distracted. But only for 9 min. Back to it.
[edit 11:11]: phone calls, chat w/ family, emails, lots of distractions, but quiet time done. and only 2hrs :\
Now i have literally 2 hours left, and a lot to do. Let me sort that out, quickly. It's good to believe that i can.
[edit 11:50]:first MIT dealt with. Now 2 home MITs that have to be done today.

good luck kromer

you have a good plan. Here's wishing you the strength to follow it.

thanks clement!

I got my presentation done and gave it...didn't quite get through preparing all the material I wanted to, but my supervisor was pretty happy nevertheless (particularly since I was presenting during finals week)

kromer 8 CI

I have 3.5 hours to finish my presentation...this is a scary task, so I'm going to break it down:

1) 30 min: Preparing overview
2) 30 min: Updating slides on network flow algorithm, results, new algorithmic idea
3) 30 min: Looking at expr data, making slide
4) 1 hr: Looking at GO categories, making slide
5) 30 min: Finishing up/proofreading
6) 30 min: Practicing

OK, I'm going to start with the overview, check in when that's done (should be done by 8:30)

kromer 2:30 CI

OK, finished and gave my presentation, had a nice lunch with my labmates, did FACS analysis of my cells, emailed about software license extension.

For the rest of the day, I just have a bunch of small tasks to finish, nothing too intimidating.

MIT for research project: Take notes on comments/suggestions from presentation, make a plan of action for next steps/deadlines

Other tasks: Thaw cells MIT
Turn in receipts MIT
Deal with cooking hours MIT
Move junk out of library
Spend 20 minutes cleaning room
Clean up graffiti near church MIT
Go to youth group
Take notes from group meeting
Ask SX to leave me her key MIT
Pick up exam MIT
Make plans for what I want to accomplish next week.
Email CY about grad ticket
Email presentation to TN
Send info for check MIT
Take out recycling

I'll take notes on presentation comments now, then thaw cells, and ask SX to leave me her key, then pick up my exam, then walk home so I can work on my other MIT's.

c be 7:50am

BE playing with the thread starter...

[edit 8:05am]: done. 15 min to choose a graphic and color and centering... eh.