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Monday, March 3, 2008

pro's CI - 11:45pm (past bedtime!)

I've been doing some things tonight that ordinarily I do in the morning (thus making myself late for work). But now I'm late going to bed - is there any way around being late?

Time to brush my teeth...

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

evening routines

I never want to do them, but when I do, I sail through the morning.

not exactly "sailing", but better

I got up just past 7am this morning, and got to work just past 11am. I didn't fool around, either. I'm looking at my time log to figure out exactly what I was doing.

I didn't make my lunch last night - that would have helped.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Journey 6 pm "done, done, done" (blatantly plagarized from Doug)

Did all my MITs and going home happy!
If I keep this up, my 2005 taxes might be re-filed before the 2007 ones are due. 


“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

LOL journey!

"If I keep this up, my 2005 taxes might be re-filed before the 2007 ones are due." That is exactly what I am hoping for my 2006 taxes!

douglas 2nd check in

Work out   DONE
prep program   DONE  
Make appoiontments for Tues   DONE
Prep meeting for tues   DONE
Call Podiatrist   NOT DONE
Run, Run, Run!   DONE, DONE, DONE!


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Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Doing well but am at a bump!

Hi everyone,
I'm new to this website. It has already helped me so much. But  today I'm at a road block. The last three days have been going great for me but tomorrow my husband comes home after being gone the last three days and I'm starting to get anxious. I really really want to binge clean cause I'm afraid he's going to be dissappointed with the house but I really don't want to mess up my flow that has been working so well. I just know realistically I can't get everything done today without going back to my old ways If you have any advice or anything I'd greatly appreciate it.


Hello, Almost,
It sounds to me like you answered your own question in the above post :) you want to continue doing what's been working for you.  You could always explain to hubby that you're trying something new, hopefully he'll be supportive. 


“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

Afraid to commit

Add to my many fears, fear of committment.  I'm afraid to commit to doing any studying today.  I haven't done it for over a week.  See my "Avoidance" post!


Hold on brave Karen

Dear Karen,

I'm impressed by your willingness to tell us your avoidance issue. I do the same thing. My encouragement to you is to take the power away from that avoidance and do just one 5 minute thing with it and the power in it will drain away.

You are an overcomer!


Journey 10:15

Happy Monday morning to everyone!  It was fun to see people in the chatbox over the weekend!

I was happy with my accomplishments over the weekend.  I used my timer 20+10 and I seem to get a lot more done that way and still feel like I am having time for fun.  (fun=computer games)  It's "almost" fun to see how much I can get done in 20 minutes. 

Today's plan:

X - gym
X - read email
X - clean up email GTD style
X - Daily planning
- organize messy desk
X - AO
- send dues notice *MIT
- toastmasters at lunch
- check pm. *
- 10 min on tax thing *
- test console
- review support model notes *
- 2 support model meetings *
- work on/read about operations manager * 
- Call about employee benefits program *
- put boots in car to take to repair place
- 30 min. on dishes and laundry
- reading glasses/contacts

Most of these activities are short so I'll check in frequently! 
First up, clean up my desk.  I can't work in this mess.



“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

Journey 11:50

I've spent the morning getting organized.  It took longer than I thought :) but my desk is neat, my inbox is "almost" empty and my mind is clear.  I completed one of my MITs, but still have quite a few to finish this afternoon.  This inbox processing thing is going to be a bit time consuming for a while. 


“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

Journey 1:15

Back from Toastmasters, taking a 15 minute break and then . . . um . . . make that phone call to employee benefits.  I hate those phone calls! 


“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

Journey 2:15

Made the phone call, which took longer than expected - that seems to be the theme for the day, everything is taking longer than expected!  However, I'm plugging along, checking in, and only goofing off during break time, so it's all good.  

3 MITS done, 3 (I think) still to go . . .


“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

journey 5 pm

Support model meetings took longer than expected :) that's my tune for the day!
I did not have time for one of my MITs, but I'm going to spend 10 minutes on the tax thing before I leave the office.  Maybe I'll even make a little stab at that last MIT too, at least get some stuff organized so I can get started on it first thing in the am.  That way I can leave with the feeling that I worked on all my MITs! 


“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

pro's CI - 9:40am

I've been clearing out my Inbox, which isn't a bad thing, but now I'm running late. Must hurry!

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Trying, really trying

New here (story forthcoming). So, before anything else, a big hello to all you fellow strivers out there!  I've read some of your posts and it's confirmed: we might not be the people you want on the other end of a To Do list (yet), but in every other way, we are a cool, kind, aware population.  Yay us!

So far: have done 3/4 of my astanga practice (have become complete lazy-arse, but have had a chest infection for nearly a month, so..... I'd like to get back to 5 or 6 sessions a week. Soon.)
Things that must happen today:
* Do a preliminary skimming of Wolfrey's Writing London 
* Spend one hour thinking about my orals lists ::sick::  
* Email Alex (my bro) some very obnoxious birthday cards
* Ach, mail that AmEx payment (only, what, 4 days late?  ugh)
* Get on the exercycle for an hour
* Come up with one article idea--even if it's crap, it'll be a good reminder of how pleasurable brainstorming can be
Oh yeah, and actually drink some water.  (No wonder my skin is turning to felt.)

welcome arden

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey


Glad you're here, Arden. 

Getting sick seems to mess with me lately, too.  I've been battling with some infection.  Another batch of antibiotics are probably called for!  At least you're trying to do some exercise.  Good for you!!!!


Lark @ 9:00 Being accountable

Good morning everyone. Nice weather finally. Today's theme here is to become accountable for unfinished tasks and to do tasks and favors I've promised (Or make arrangements to do them).
 morning routine
 spiritual time
 try to fix windshield wipers
 call about supplies and paperwork for next projects
 "lean on" client about his unpaid account
 put laundry away
 go to bank
 return movie
 clean and remove door latch
 check in at lunch

douglas Check-in

Work out
prep program
Make appoiontments for Tues
Prep meeting for tues
Call Podiatrist
Run, Run, Run!
Lose 2 lbs this week

There is nothing you cannot do when you believe you are in charge of your life...


kromer 8:20 CI

Had a very unproductive weekend, so today is going to be a bit embarassing...oh well, I'll do better today!

To do first:
*Email SX (Done)
*Read macroecon chpt. 6 (Done)
*Do macroecon pset (Mostly done, will finish this afternoon)
*Go to Spanish (Done)
*Work on thesis (more details later)
*Meet w/PF about thesis at 1 or 2 (email to confirm time)

kromer 11:10 CI

OK, a decently productive morning.
*Finalize travel arrangements for interview trip next weekend (I was late but it's OK, yay!) (Done)
*Email about Berkeley travel arrangements (Done)
*Email PF about mtg time (Done)
*Try 3 ideas for min. # coregs, look at results
*Read paper on new test dataset

kromer 12:10 CI

OK, I did all the email stuff I need to do, now I'm stalling out on the "minimizing # of coregs" project.

It's hard/requires a lot of thought, so I think I'm worried I won't be able to do it. But I won't know until I try! I'm going to start with the 2 really straightforward ideas, then try something fancier. I'll let myself wait until this evening to try a fourth more complicated method.
I'll try to remember that ideas that *don't * work tell me something too.

Update: Bit of a reprieve, PF doesn't want to meet until Wed.
Need to keep focus anyway!
I'm going to work out a simple case of my complicated method on paper, if I can figure that out I'll write computer code for it...

kromer 2 CI

OK, I've been focusing, it's just a hard problem (and something I haven't had much experience with).

I'm going to:
*Write out exactly what my idea is
*Come up with a simple case
*Figure out if the simple case is a convex optimization problem or not
*not get frustrated

kromer 3:15 CI

OK, making progress!

I have an idea...probably won't work, but it's interesting in any case.
I'm going to spend 30 min. coding it up/taking notes so I won't forget it.
Then I'm going to start calcs with 2 much simpler idea, and print out paper on test data set.
Then I'm going to take a short break
Then I'll finish and turn in my econ pset
Then I'm going to go swimming

UPDATE 4pm: OK, hard thinking has turned my brain to spaghetti. I'm moving on to my pset now.

kromer 4:45 CI

OK, still feeling stupid, but I did manage to get my pset done.
Time to go turn it in, then I'll go swimming, then I'll clean out my binder and my inbox (they are both getting unmanageable and are killing my productivity), then I'll start the 2 calcs and print out paper on test data set, then I'll go home for dinner.

kromer 6 CI

Sorry for the avalance of CI's, I'm having a bit of a rough day...

Turned in pset, went swimming, now working on cleaning out my inbox.

UPDATE 6:45 almost done with inbox, now for the stuff I actually have to read/do something about. Should be done in 15 min, then will print a few things out, get thesis methods from lab and then go home for dinner.

kromer 7 CI

OK, got my inbox down from 400 messages to 8, I think that's good enough for now :)
I also printed out 2 papers.
Next, I need to print out a few more papers, then go get something from lab, then go home for dinner.
After dinner--lots of organizational tasks (that really should have gotten done this weekend!):
*Organize papers
*Do Spanish HW (Started)
*Start 2 easy calcs.
*Update calendar
*Deal with house food order stuff
*Fold laundry
*Read about test dataset
*Read Rodina paper
*Call home (DONE)
*write 1 para methods section

kromer 10:30 CI

Everything is taking forever today!
I finished my Spanish HW, and was enjoying it so did tomorrow's as well.
Next up: Fold laundry (it's been sitting on my floor for 3 days...) (DONE)
Start 2 easy calculations
Finish dealing with house food order stuff (need to write down cooking hours for semester so far+make cooking hours sheet for next month+email about ingredients for later in the week) (DONE)

kromer 11:15 CI

OK, started calculation.
Next up:
Organize papers! (finished class binder of doom, now on to the much easier research binder)
Read about dataset

kromer 12 CO

It felt like a rough day, but I actually got a fair amount done. And I'm going to bed (more or less) on time. Yay!
Tomorrow: write for bio class, study econ, keep pushing on senior thesis

pro's CI - 8:05am

I'm still sitting in front of the computer. I did a few things, but I need to move on. Time to get dressed.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 7:20am

Lots of people joining the forum, lately. I spend a fair amount of time responding to access requests!

I have a dentist appt this morning at 10am (yuck). I'm going to get dressed, and if I have time before the appt (I should - it's only 7am) I'll work on my pile.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

e Monday check in

I got to work this morning and got a phone call to come to an unexpected meeting. My stomach sank into the floor for a bit and then I realized that it was going to be okay. I made some phone calls, and sat down to work on something I had been putting off. I am thankful for the 'found' time I had this morning to work on something I was dreading doing.

For today:
finish evaluation of Dr. P's work and send to Dr. B
find bank stuff
tax phone call with MF
get ready to fax 2007 stuff
shift one box
forward abstract draft to work.
mail international driver's lisence application
print out registration to vote and mail.

lots more to come, but one little bit at a time!

the desire to sleep

There is a lot of difficult stuff going on in my workplace lately, and I am finding myself yawning a lot. I think that my body is trying to shut down as a means of avoidance. So far little has happened today and I am not in an energetic mood to deal with all that needs to happen. working on reading the Dr. P stuff has me dozing off.

to do: recharge batteries
call G to handle pickup of basketball guys Wednesday

e 9:30 pm check in

There has been a definate shift in my willingness to start things. I don' t know whether it is because it is spring here, that I have been working the steps, found a common workspace in the chatbox or what, but I have made initial stabs at things the past few days which have been haunting me for months.

Apologies to anyone who does not want to see the minutea (sp?) of my thought process, but the chatbox is serving for me in a way that the checkins do. it feels a bit more interactive too, which feels more active. I am realizing that I work alone and by nature I am a social person. Socializing, even vicariously, seems to have a positive affect on my productivity.