Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Took another step today...

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you all know that sometimes proactivity looks a lot like desperation. Losing a job has made me get out of my rut of sitting and contemplating my belly button. I became desperate to find a job. With all the flurry of activity, I realized I hadn't thought about how little i have procrastinated over the past two weeks or so... but only out of my desperate need to find employment.

sometimes, I think I only procrastinate because I can. When pushed against a wall, I find no place for it which I suppose is a sad commentary on me...but there it is.

Oh.... and I found a job. I have discovered affirmations make all the difference. Our thoughts affect our feelings, our feelings our behaviors and our behaviors change the consequences. You were right, it is a better job than I had before. It has better bennies and allows me to use my writing and voice over skills. In fact, it is a quite incredible opportunity. you are all the reason I have held on so tight! With all of my heart....THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT! Pro, thanks for PA!


Congrats, Douglas!

Just skimming through everyone's posts after a couple of days away.  Douglas, congrats!  Sounds like a great new start!


Gratz Doug!


“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

you go, Douglas!

/files/images/good-job.gif in every possible meaning of the expression! hugs from me!


That's awsome! :) I'm so glad you got through this. Best of luck in your new job!

Journey 3 pm Thanks!

Thanks for all the get-well and get-over-the-fuzzies wishes!  I do feel much better since lunch.  NO more nyquil! 

Trouble tickets taken care of, now for email.  That status report still needs to be done .  . .


“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

Journey 4:20

email done, now to the status report!  When that's done I'm going home.  I gotta run a couple errands on the way home and then I'm calling it a day.  No nyquil tonight!!


“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

death and taxes

I'm off to a good start procrastinating this morning. At least I haven't read the news- hey, I better check right now-

I want/must finish taxes today. My spouse has threatened me, not with death, but probably something worse. Yesterday I got what I hope is the harder part of the job done. Now to finish, and we all know how procrastinators love to do that.

read Steps/pray
finish taxes


Re: death and taxes


It may be helpful to instead of thinking "finishing," think "starting." Start however many times you need to, even if it is for 5 min each time, and eventually you won't need to do any more starting because it will be done.

freer 1:15

Thanks for the reminder!

I have to be honest... I like the drama of do or die. Finish or else... I also hate the drama. The love feeds off the hate and visa versa. Both voices are okay. It helps me to take a minute and hear each side out, simply acknowledge them, and then keep moving forward with next steps.

The last couple hours were pretty good. It's emotionally draining because my finances are a mess and working on my taxes forces me to face it. I'm going to eat and then start again.



Journey 9:30 Nyquil hangover

Good morning! 

I'm working though a much milder version of whatever illness my family has.  I finally took a dose of nyquil last night so I could sleep and now I'm paying for it with the Nyquil hangover.  Now I remember why I never take that stuff. 

I'm still too fuzzy to plan the whole day but I know I've got to slog through the email I missed while in class the last couple of days, do the monthly status report, and check on a change for this weekend.  That should get me though the morning. 

Back later . . . have a successful and enjoyable day.


“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

Journey 1 pm

Well, I don't know where the morning went but I am awake now.  I've done nothing on my list but I did review my class notes and practice using the new software.  I went out to lunch and got some fresh air and sunshine.  Now to get some real work done. 

First, review my open trouble tickets and do any tasks needed there. 


“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

hope you feel better


I have the same thing you have. You know, if it weren't for February, I would really love the year!!! lol
I am taking the Kroger brand Sinus and cold tablets (Ibuprofen) and they work remarkably well. I say, curl up in a corner and read until you fall asleep. Ask the boss to wake you at 5:00.

Hope you feel better!



I love nyquil! I wish they sold it here!

bottle in front of me

in response to your nyquil comment, go get a small bottle of tastes the same. lol



You know, I brought some of that back from Germany last spring! They use it as a digestive after heavy meals, which I thought was cool. Jagermeister, I will try it the next time I get achy, sneezy, sniffy, wheezy.....

Feel Better Soon, Jo!

I've been struggling with fuzziness, too, only mine is from a sinus infection and medication change!  I'm getting better; hope you do soon, too!


8:38CI for Lark

Hi everyone. There was a goofy radio commercial on this morning,  and I heard a line in it that said "Procrastination is a bad choice." Whoa, that's profound, isn't it? Yesterday was a bizarre day, but I started turning it around late in the evening. It was just enough to let me wake up positive this morning.
 morning routine
 spiritual time
 put laundry away
 get ready for visitor this morning
 finish work project from hell
 rearrange workshop
 drink water (don't eat junk)
 begin next work project
 check in at lunch

helping Lark out of the hell hole we were in

there is room in this basket for both of us and I am glad you know the way out!

It's getting better

What I'm doing this afternoon is what I'm re-doing which should've been done this past weekend. Crap. Oh well--what's a few days? Well, back to work, and check in later.

hell hole prayer

I'll be thinking of/praying for the two of you today.


scarlett CI 8:25 am EST

Another day, and here I am again.  Now I've got my MITs from yesterday and today to do.  Undecided

First things first - gotta eat breakfast.  While I do that I'll start my monthly report.  CI again @ 9 am. 

Hope everyone else's day is starting off well!

To do:
Eat breakfast
Take pills
Call W and take form over
Monthly rep (Wed MIT)
3 rev (Wed MIT)
Sched f/u for equip (Wed MIT)
Write blurb for BT (Thurs MIT)
Leave slips (Thurs MIT)

Become aware of resistance, and let go.

scarlett CI 12:30 pm EST

Okay.  I've gotten some stuff done, but not the stuff I really need to do.  Of course.  I am giving myself 20 min to eat my lunch and keep working on the monthly report, then it's off to the next item on my list.

Ta da:
Eat breakfast
Take pills
Call W and take form over
Sort pile (1/2 hr)

To do:
Eat lunch
Monthly rep (Wed MIT) (started)
3 rev (Wed MIT)
Write blurb for BT (Thurs MIT)
Leave slips (Thurs MIT)
Sched f/u for equip (Fri MIT)

Become aware of resistance, and let go.

kromer 7:40 CI

Another busy day! I'll be very glad when it's the weekend.
And I didn't get through all my senior thesis stuff yesterday
I did get almost a full night's sleep, though...yay!

To do today:
*Finish "mini-review"
*Finish methods section of thesis
*Remind K. about CBP data
*Go to Spanish and bio
*Do expt.
*Go to Harambee
*Read Rodina paper
*Do Spanish HW
*Try minimizing # of coregulators
*Prep Harambee
*Prep Lent service
Would like to
*Call I
*Filter EGF data by expr
*Read chapter of macroecon

Until 8 Work on mini-review
8-8:30 Walk to campus
8:30-10 Prep reagents for expt.
10-11 Spanish
11-1 FINISH mini-review
1-2 Start expt.
2-3 Class
3-3:30 prep Harambee, email K if necessary
3:30-5:45 expt
5:45-8:30 Harambee
8:30-11:00 finish methods section
11:00-12:00 Spanish HW

OK, worked on mini-review,

OK, worked on mini-review, prepped reagents and went to spanish, but now I've been surfing the web even though I have to write 2.5 pages in the next hour and a half. Argh!

I'm going to just write--I'll try to get a good page done each half hour.
(Won't need to do much revision at the's just a rough that's due.)
Check in after every page.

kromer 12:35

Argh I'm slow!

I wrote a good page and a half, but turns out I mis-read the assignment length, so I have another page and a half to go. I'll try to write another page in the next 25 minutes (and not worry if it's bad, it's just a rough). Then, I'll try to sneak off from my experiment 20 min. early to finish up.

Remind me not to start assignments the day they're due...:(

kromer 1:10 CI

OK, wrote the page + made refs list.

Will do another half page afte I start expt (and proofread if time)--not a good situation, but definitely doable.

Check in after my bio class (at 3)

kromer 9:30 CI

Bio class went late, so I had to go straight to experiment. (But I prepared curriculum on the train, so it was OK--and harambee went well).

I'm completely fried and don't think thesis writing is going to happen I'll do some fairly mindless work, namely econ., Spanish, rodina paper, and/or prepping CBP data.

kromer 12 CO

Not the most productive evening, but I did get through all my spanish homework. Oh well, I'll take what I can get...

goodnight, kromer

I am just getting up and saw you were on, so sleep tight!

pro's CI - 7am

I haven't been sleeping well. This morning when I woke up at 4am I decided to just get up. I'm not sure that was such a brilliant idea. I'm pretty tired now. But my dishes are done. :D

Now I'm going to take a shower and get dressed, then work on my pile until it's time to leave for work.

I got to work so late yesterday that I had to stay until past 8pm. I hate that.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

poor sleep

Pro, do you eat anything when you wake so early? I do and it puts me right to sleep again. Generally a bowl of cereal but it doesn't work for everyone. i know that without feeling rested, it is almost as if you start the day in a hole... (dig)

Here's to getting there on time today! You can do it!


not usually

I don't usually eat when I wake up and can't go back to sleep. This morning I had an apple with almond butter around 5:30am. Usually I watch TV for a while, but when I'm ready to go back to sleep it's time to get up. (((sigh)))

I'm still not in the shower - heading there now...

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Empathy for sleeplessness

I had my first real, sound sleep last night since this year began due to some medication I was taking.  It was heavenly waking up!

I hope you get some sleep tonight.  Sleeplessness always increases my appetite for carbs and decreases my motivation.


kaoba's CI

I've been struggling mightily these past few days, I haven't even logged on to here. So, today, I just want to focus on:

. keep on top of dishes / kitchen, and
. keep going through *the box* on my desk, just do 15 minutes worth of going through it today.

I hope everyone has the best day possible.

good job logging on!

Here's hoping it gets you going!

Maybe try working with a timer, it works for me when I'm struggling. And remember not to beat yourself up too much ;)

Best of luck!

Re: good job logging on!

Thanks, kromer!

And good luck to you too, and stamina, for getting through your list. You seem pretty busy!

e's better day

As there is no where to go but up I am thankful for the new day. The one task at a time thing is working but I am also going to mention things I WANT to accomplish today, if I can.

make bedx
one box sortedx
contract reviewed
fax w2s to colleges
dr. p book reviewed
frances rich research work in progress forwarded
reading in KA x
check in X
1 artifact box
begin to overview new boxes
appointment with IKA for new meds - booked
schedule appointment with dermatologist

more to come!

humbly e

What a diet food crow is. It has been a roller coaster of emotions, paranoia, anxiety, anger, fear, self-righteousness, and so forth. Yesterday has continued into today and I need to keep repeating the serenity prayer to get through the rest of today.

For now, I am glad that I have done my best, even if it is not good enough.

Went to Therapist...good, very good


yesterday I went to a therapist who brought up a great point. I am not responsible for other peoples responses, only my own. so often I would feel "bad" after apologizing. I realized I was wanting the person i offended to make me feel better, but in reality, what they do after i have done the right thing by apologizing is completely up to them. I am off the hook. Whew hoo!!! It's true. i so often want to control what others feel, but I know, i have done the right thing by apologizing.

who ever is getting off by making you feel bad for whatever you did, (which was nothing) needs to get over their manipulation kick. Stop eating humble pie. You have done right since yesterday, With as much love as you can muster (and I am speaking tongue in cheek), tell  them to eat it . lol when they can keep us apologizing it gives them control. for whatever my humble opinion is worth, just smile and act like everything is great. They will lose control over you.

smile and go eat a really good scone or even an apple danish. God I'm hungry.


Re: humbly e

Hang in there, elisaveth. You'll make it through and come out on the other side, never doubt!


 /files/images/bearhug.gif have I mentioned how much I appreciate all of you? You are absolutely right (or your psychologist is). I felt like I had cleaned my side of the street by apologizing, but I am fretting about repurcussions and my need to control things, especially work things. As my spouse and I work at the same institution it is particularly important!

For today, I will clean up my side of the street, take ownership of what I do, do the best that I can, and let go of what I cannot control (other people's thoughts and actions). Yikes, is that scary! I was reading today's entry in the Language of Letting Go and Melody Beattie was writing about denial. She quotes Ovid who said "We are slow to believe that which if believed would hurt our feelings." Ovid wrote my themesong. Growing into accepting my imperfection, my gaffs, and my inadequacies means coming out of a life of denial. Denial has allowed me to stay safe, to choose to believe that things are okay, even when, for the moment, they may not be. However, when it all comes down to it, I actually do grow more responsibly.

My son has gotten into the habit of procrastinating. I feel like such a heel tonight, because I would not allow him to go to bed until he had finished overdue work for classes. He was so frustrated, but he sat down and wrote this fabulous first draft of an essay about his brother in about 15 minutes. He had been torturing himself with it for days. I told him, he can do his work however he wants to, but he has to do it on time: he has to stay up until it is done. I am praying that he will find out that it is better to simply get it done than to slowly progress through it until 4 AM. How do you not raise a procrastinator?