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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Falcon CI - go to bed!

To do: Get ready for tomorrow and go to bed.  Do not fiddle around online.  Do not read.  Do not pass Go.  Go directly to bed.

(Couldn't drag myself out of bed this morning & overslept, so am obviously needing rest, whether I feel like it now or not.)

Good night, everyone! 


and collect $200!

and just think, you won't have to role doubles to get out of bed in the morning!

Good Night

I sleeepy. It's been a long day. Looking for work and believing the best is a tiring thing. I have nothing to complain about. Wake up refreshed tomorrow everyone. You are all dear souls.


The Rest of My Day

I'm not sure how to proceed.  I'm tired of being in the house, but I'm still having some dizzyness.  It's improving, though.

MIT - change acc't for A's house payment
MIT - American Lit. homework

If I go out:
Buy tax software.
Shop at Ingles and Walgreens for sales merchandise.


scarlett CI 3:05 pm EST

As pretty much always - one day up (yesterday) is followed by (at least) one day down (today).

This pointless post is an effort to kickstart myself.  Stay tuned for an actual list.

Become aware of resistance, and let go.


Try again tomorrow.

Become aware of resistance, and let go.

the taxman cometh, I hope

Okay, I got good things done yesterday, stayed mostly conscious of my time use, but I dropped out my MIT. Rrrright... Between today and tomorrow I need to finish my wonderful taxes. I'm going to have two tasks today:



taxing work next

I haven't started taxes yet, but wait- I have been paying bills and organizing money paperwork, which I needed to do today as well. I made some good progress facing this dark pit.

Does anyone else believe that credit card companies are owned by Satan? I found I owed a $40 late charge because my credit card company changes the due date, apparently whenever they want to. A couple days is one thing, but this due date was 7 days earlier than last month. They said they would credit my $20 (half). I said their date changing was bulls*t. I almost got hung up on immediately. Apparently they don't embrace honest expressions of emotion. I swallowed my pride, backed down and took the $20 refund. My credit card debt is my responsibility, but it's equally true that credit card companies are selling fiscal crack.

Okay, I'll stop venting/procrastinating and get to the taxes.


credit card late fees

These used to plague me, but automating bill payment so that the minimum payment is due has halped. It has saved me money and helped my credit rating. I also feel demand resistance is a problem for paying bills: I put it off even if I have the money in the account!

freer 6

I made some progress. Hopefully more tonight.

No more procrastinating sleep

Half an hour into the day, I'm already putting things off. I'm supposed to be doing my reading for Medieval Philosophy, but have been reading blogs instead. Today after 7:30, I've got a solid schedule until lunch (nothing I even have the choice to put off), so my plan for the day starts at 1 PM

[ ] Return to campus and study till 5
[ ] After dinner, write for half an hour
[ ] Move the bed (if we have to do that) and wash sheets MIT
[ ] study another hour
[ ] go to sleep no later than 11

Last night I got everything done just fine but then kept myself up an extra hour to watch TV. Not an awful thing to do, but I had resolved not to. Just making the resolution public here.

semper incipe,

kromer 7 CI

OK, time for some Spanish! I will study until 8 (DONE)

Then, I will work on my senior thesis until 9:30--I will start jobs for all EGF time points (DONE), then finish the intro, then work on methods if I have time

I will walk to campus (DONE) for my spanish quiz at 10, then go to biochem at 11

kromer 9:10 Need to write!

I hate my stupid writer's block!

I've done everything I need to this morning *except* write my senior thesis--which is my MIT!

I'm going to commit to 2 15-minute chunks spent writing before my Spanish test.

Got through my 2 15-minutes

Got through my 2 15-minutes chunks, finished my Spanish test early and wrote a little more, then went to biochem.

Before my 2pm mtg w/ PF about thesis, I'd like to accomplish the following:
Look at res. from new calc +be prepped to discuss.
Have finished rough of intro+methods
Have looked at at least 1 timepoint from new data
Be ready to discuss expr data+CBP data

After mtg, I'll quickly check on an expt., then organize my biochem notes until 3, then go to group mtg until 4, then study biochem until exam at 7:30 (I *really* procrastinated on that studying...)

Way to Go, Kromer

I like how you broke through your resistance to writing on your theses. 

Good Job,

kromer 2:30

Had mtg about thesis..looked at res. from new calc. looked at 1 other timepoint, looked at expr and CBP data, finished intro. Didn't finish methods though.

So that I'm committed to's what I want to get done on my thesis by THIS FRIDAY (day after tomorrow):
*Minimize # of coregulators
*Run on all timepoints
*Filter EGF data by expr.
*Get CBP data from K. + do prelim. run
*Finish methods section
Of these things, TODAY I'd like to -get CBP data -write 1/2 more pg of methods section -write code for min. # of coregs

OK, I'm going to email K. about data, then go check on my expts and org. my biochem notes

kromer 4 CI

OK, emailed K, checked on expt, org.ed notes
Now I have to study for my biochem test at 7:30 (not the best situation, but I'm pretty caught up in the class, so it should be all right...)
I'm going to look over my notes for 1 hr, then do the practice exam for an hour and see what gaps I need to fill in.
Check back in after my exam (around 9:30 or 10:00)

kromer 9:30 CI

Back from my exam!

Amazingly, I think it went pretty well, despite having started studying 3 hrs before...

I still have lots of work to do this evening, though. Here's the plan:
1) Check messages, email A. (I've been a terrible girlfriend this week...) (Done, no longer a completely terrible gf)
2) Write 1/2 page of methods (1/4 page on where protein-protein interactions came from + 1/4 page outlining the scanning method)
3) Take a shower, tidy up my room a bit (Done)
4) Write 1 pg of "mini-review" (Done)
5) Spanish HW (Done enough...)
6) 1 more pg of "mini-review" (Done)
7) Bed! (Done)


you are doing great! when I was doing my thesis I TORTURED myself with it for 8 months and still was unhappy at the end. What got me through it was spewing out all the drivel that was in my head on the subject and then severe editing. what is your topic?


Mine is a biology thesis, so luckily not much writing! (Well, I think the writing is the hard part, but it takes a relatively small portion of the time).
My thesis is on gene regulation--predicting which proteins help turn genes on and off in a cell. It's a lot of fun, but I'm sometimes scared by having a large project to work on...
Good to know people do write theses and live to tell the tale!

biology thesis!

wow. Thank you for taking my health in your hands!

e's new day

Today feels pretty good and things, (not the MITs) but still, things, are getting done. I am going to post what I accomplish instead of my mighty list today. Yesterday worked well posting one task to acheive at a time. (It doesn't hurt that it is warm and sunny out!)

water x
meds x
breakfast x
walk to work x
contact prof regarding old papers x
recycle papers x
print out college board idoc
fax MG the information

e's gone to hell in a handbasket

I am having a day where, to quote PS Your Cat is Dead, "GOD is taking Fleet enema on me". I may have to meet with a potential donor who is concerned about the caretaking of his donation, which will fall under my supervision, and I have had no notice. I got in a spat with my boss today and I am irritated at his attitude (self righteous me) and I found out that when I shared a link to a friend's father's obituary in the New York Times I offended my friend, who did not want this information known.

I am upset, walking on eggshells and fully aware of how when I assume I make an ass out of u and me. I want to cry, to get a big hug and crawl back into the womb. So much for being a 48 year old woman who wants to stand on her own two feet. Humbled again. dammit.



No one can accuse you of not being a caring and loving person. Anyone knows that if there is something on the internet that can be linked to, it is no longer private nor should they consider it an offense.

Try to be encouraged by the fact that you live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, you are special to others and irreplaceable to family. This would be a great time for chocolate!!!!
Courage my friend, courage... and peace to you today.



how did you know that I just made a pile of gorp???  You are right, I have a charmed (occasionally nightmarish) life here and that helps enormously. Better yet, my best friend and my husband both thought the thing with the newspaper was ridiculous, but Human Resources called me to complain because people were trying to donate money to the church in NYC from Greece and it has come off as a solicitation! Cultural crossfire! Thanks, though, my sanity is preserved by all of you!

hang in there

  Sorry about the bad day! Here's my $.02: three bad things happening (even if mistakes) doesn't change the fact that you are competent, independent and doing great things in your life. The fact that they all fell on the same day, however, does suck.



sorry you're having a bad day!  However, I don't see how your friend can be offended that you shared that article, I mean it was in the newspaper already for goodness sake. 

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

E, is that you?

Those footsteps I hear must be yours. It really stinks here, doesn't it? This has been a bad week or so for me, and good intentions seem to have the inverse effect. "No good deed goes unpunished" is my negative thought  for today.

Getting better this afternoon

Things are turning around for me---and I'm glad to see they have for you also, Elisaveth. The thing for work seems to be getting better. Only other thing is I paid a BUNCH of bills yesterday and today, and my clients haven't caught up with me yet. I'm not overdrawn, thank goodness. I'm just down to a few dollars in my checking account and little more in my pockets. Ugh.

thanks for the support

Freer, Journey and Lark, I am grateful for the virtual hugs. Lark, you are the third person today to tell me that 'no good deed goes unpunished" and Journey, you are absolutely right that it was in the bloody New York Times, but somehow my inner self was not getting it. Luckily for me, I have this great place to go for support when I am down, its called Procrastinators Anonymous.....


I can't speak for you, E, but guilt and I have an ongoing relationship!  I break it off and Guilt comes back again.  Round and round we go.

I agree with the previos comments, IT WAS IN THE NY TIMES!  I suspect your friend has other issues she's not confronting and found it easier to use you as a dumping ground.  I know; I have a husband that often resorts to those techniques!  I catch him, though, because of all the practice I've had.  I swear he'd blame me for his childhood if he could.

I hope your day turns around!