Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday 19 February 2008

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!!

pro's CI - 11pm

I'm ready for bed. I'd rather watch TV, but I'd better go to sleep if I want to get up early tomorrow.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 10:40pm (past bedtime)

I'm late getting to bed, especially if I want to get up at 6am tomorrow. I need to go brush my teeth.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Journey 6:30

OK, dinner is done, and I have a dinner made for tomorrow night!  Now I should be able to get the dishes done and my desk cleaned off before American Idol.  I never did exercise today, but I'll get back to the gym in the morning.  If I do those two things and sew on some buttons while I watch tv, I will count this as a productive day.  A bit stressful due to facing up to some financial truths this morning, but a good day overall. 






"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

e's 10 pm checkout

I did not have a very successful day in terms of production. I did not get anything done at work until after 5 and then felt so guilty that I stayed until 7 pushing through some work. I am frustrated with myself because I have a lot to deal with in the next little bit, but I keep thinking about vacationing on for a week's very much needed time off. It has not helped that the city has shut down and school is cancelled for the third day in a row: I have stuff to do and I cannot put it off, even if I am dreading it.

For tonight I am going to work for a half an hour on my 4th step and then pack it up for tomorrow.

not getting in the middle of an argument between father and son
standing my ground on inequities of cleaning up after other people
helping a friend out
beginning some box lists
continued progress, even if not completion
having taxes predone for 2008, even if 2007 is still not complete
Mouse not having to be put down today
lemon tree still alive
my son ironing
having soaked the lentils this morning for the lentil stew tonight

Is Mouse really a mouse?


"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta


No, Mouse is one of several dogs that the college I work for has rescued. She is probably my favorite of them because even though she can be a bit erratic (she was rescued after a lot of abuse) she is very smart and affectionate. She got off her lead this weekend during a false heat and suddenly lost weight and became incontenant and quite ill, losing her ability to walk. She regained it yesterday, although she is still ill. We don't know if she is sick because of her calozar, the tremendous amount of male attention we suspect she had, even though we kept her locked up inside, or if, when she got loose, a neighbor tried to poison her (that happens here).

She is going to the vet this morning, so keep your fingers crossed.

Ending the Procrastination Pain

I AM going to work on that darn quilt before I leave the house again!  Enough is enough.  I'll either finish it or throw the darn thing in the trash!


a new day

I haven't checked in for a week, and it's been a big week. I got a job! I applied in November and it finally came through last week. I have been self-employed/under-employed/underearning for much of the last 15 years (directly connected to procrastination). It has been such a long, hard wilderness experience. This job looks like a great fit with who I am/my mission statement.

The new job is both a gift and a reward. The job came through steady, positive steps, and also a number of divine "coincidences". Thank you to all of you and this forum for the support this past month and a half. You contributed to this outcome.

The job does not solve my significant money challenges...that was my fantasy going into the search process. However, it's an important first step. I need support here to keep working the Steps, staying conscious and overcoming my procras-creating.

pack/prepare for trip
follow up with S & A
license tabs
visit B?


congratulations on the job freer!

"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

Way to Go!

I hope you do well and continue to work your program.  It's great to hear of successes!


Lark at 9:45am

Hi everyone. Lots of posts so far. It's cold and white here, better than dirty and wet for a bit. Yesterday's big project went well, and if I'm not careful, I may finish it today! Wow.
To do:
(X)morning things
(X)heat workshop
 spiritual time
 main work project
 tidy period
 combine errands into one big one
 finish dealing with clothing
 check in after lunch

pro's CI - 9am

I really need to learn to do things in the day or evening, and not in the morning when I want to get to work. I won't have time to stop by Bed, Bath, and Beyond before work today - I have a meeting at 10am. I'll return the laundry cart tomorrow.


- Watered plants.
- Put away dishes in dish drain.
- Ate breakfast, made lunch to bring, washed dishes.
- Put away drip dry.
- Ate breakfast, laid out pills, took first dose.
- Checked email.

I don't have time to iron now - need to get dressed and leave.

I could have watered the plants and washed lettuce, etc., for lunch last night - should have. If I had, I'd have time to return the laundry cart today.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

kaoba's CI

My list for today:

( ) file prescription for daughter's orthotics, plus phone numbers of other dr
( ) find instructions for my plantar fasciitis routine (haven't even looked for it) :rolleyes:
(X) fill in deposit slips for bank errand

Wishes for a good day to all!

kaoba's update 1

Well, it's going ok today. I am off to the bank, and when I get back the plumber should be here to get some things fixed.

(X) file prescription for daughter's orthotics, plus phone numbers of other dr
( ) find instructions for my plantar fasciitis routine
(X) fill in deposit slips for bank errand

Alive, sober and well

Greetings all,

CI for today:

Potential Worker: update resume
Athlete: begin new workout at SOAS
Husband: wash laundry for M.
Son: Call Mother
Student: Read Fasting book. (Jentzen Franklin..."Fasting" is the name of the book Pro)

Check the hull of my submarine for damage (lol)
Believe right things

By the way, Pro, I agree with whoever it was that said you should DEMAND your money back for that cart. My deriere is back intact and I am sitting on it now Journey so if I can just pull my head out of it I'll be doing fine today. Again, a round of thanks to you all for your thoughtfulness and prayers. You are all the best.


How's it going Douglas?

Don't prastinate looking for new things. One advantage of not working is you'll be able for look for new opportunities. Ask your higher power--God, the sun, the chair, or a door knob--for guidance. If you don't want to believe, humor me, and ask anyway. It's a good idea to lay off the alcohol anyway. I used to drink before losing jobs, but that's a whole nother story. Take care.

hope and faith

  I'm sad and very sorry to hear about your job! I can relate to the pain of work problems. I'm at the other end of the tunnel today, having just got a job. Cliched as it sounds, you can overcome. I have been through many dark nights of my working soul. It sucks. I will be thinking of/praying for you.

  Something that helped me...the Stockdale Paradox, developed by author James Collins in his book, Good to Great.

  Collins writes about Vice Admiral James Stockdale (unfortunately best known as Ross Perot's running mate) who was the highest ranking P.O.W. in Vietnam. He endured 8 years of torture. For his bravery and service, he was awarded the Medal of Honor.

  Collins interviewed Stockdale who described his coping strategy during his years in a Vietnamese POW camp.

"I never lost faith in the end of the story, I never doubted not only that I would get out, but also that I would prevail in the end and turn the experience into the defining event of my life, which, in retrospect, I would not trade."

When Collins asked who didn't make it out, Stockdale replied:

"Oh, that’s easy, the optimists. Oh, they were the ones who said, 'We're going to be out by Christmas.' And Christmas would come, and Christmas would go. Then they'd say, 'We're going to be out by Easter.' And Easter would come, and Easter would go. And then Thanksgiving, and then it would be Christmas again. And they died of a broken heart."

Collins went on to describe it as the Stockdale Paradox: “You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end — which you can never afford to lose — with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

Great to hear, Douglas!

Take care.

kromer 7:30 CI

Back to school! After a week+ away...

Must do:
Read 3 chapters of macroecon.
Do macroecon. pset
Prep for mtg
Meet with PF
Do Spanish video exercises
Check notes/call office to figure out what time mtg with dean is...
Meeting with dean (I think at noon???)
Go to Spanish
Go to biochem
Spanish HW for tomorrow

Should do:
Go to econ
Go over biochem lects 1 and 2
Check in with SX
Place food order
Go swimming

Would like to do
Dinner with A
Deal with email
Go over biochem pset answers
Read biochem papers
Call home

To start:
Work on Spanish until 8:20 (Done)
Pack up stuff for the day/tidy room/put on makeup (Done)
Walk to school (Done)
Call office to double-check mtg time (Done, it's rescheduled for tomorrow at 1 with Dean C.)
Print spanish HW (Done)
Review biochem until 10
Go to Spanish class
Go to biochem

kromer 12:10 CI

Plan for the afternoon:
Deal with email (limit to 20 min) DONE
Get a snack (DONE)
Get macroecon. book from the library, read what I can and photocopy the rest (DONE, finished all the reading)
Go to macroecon 2-3 (DONE)
Prep for mtg 3-4 (DONE)
Mtg 4-4:30
Finish macroecon. reading, do pset 4:30-5:30
Go swimming 5:30-6:30
Review biochem until 7
Dinner with A

kromer 4:50

OK, finished meeting and took notes from it.
I was prepared and it went well--yay!

I'm going to quickly do my Spanish homework, then go finish my macroecon. pset.
Since I'm all done with my reading, I think I should be able to get the pset done by 5:30 or a little after.

kromer Wed morn CO

Mostly finished the macro pset, went swimming, had dinner, put in food order, called home.
Not the most productive evening, but I got some stuff done.

Doug's butt

Is your butt back where it belongs this morning?  We're all pulling for you this morning, hoping you are looking forward and not back.  Hang in there!


"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

Journey 7 am

Today is my day off for working the weekend . . . I have some work stuff that must get done today but I can do it from home so that's cool.  Trying to get back on my regular schedule today so I was up at 5 . . .yawn . . .

X - Daily Planning
- exercise  *MIT
- bathe dogs *
- clean the bathroom after bathing dogs*
- a couple loads of laundry
- several errands, including one I'm not looking forward to at all *
- look in basement for my old high chair before buying one *
- check on SL application *
- 2 phone calls related to personal finances - yuck -
- mending - buttons on blue suit * 
- clean off my desk
- clean out sock and stockings drawer
- dinner and dishes - make an extra dish for tomorrow *
- 2 conference calls *
- balance ckbook *

Wishing everyone a successful and enjoyable day


"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

Journey 1:20

Dogs are clean, bathroom is clean, I'm clean.  Taking 10 and then folding one load of laundry before I head out to do my errands. 


"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

Journey 4:30

Back from errands, now I would like to play video games for a few hours lol.  But instead I'm going to do a little more laundry, make tonights dinner, make shepherd's pie for tomorrow night, and do the dishes.   I really want to get my desk cleaned off too, it's a mess.  I piled all kinds of stuff back here when I was getting ready for my famioy party.  It will probably only take about 30 minutes to do it once I get started! 

"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

Journey 9:30 difficult phone calls

I made two very difficult phone calls about past due bills this morning - bills I had no real reason for being late on other than procrastination.  Now, late fees are added to the bills . . .

So, although I feel bad about getting behind in the first place, I am pretty proud of myself for getting my budget organized and making the phone calls to make payment arranagements.  My budget had gotten completely out of control and I didn't even know what was going on with my money.  Now it's not pretty but at least I know what's going on.  

Doing a couple of work related things, then taking a break!!  Back around 11.


"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

Journey noon

Well, the break stretched to over an hour, but I'm back now!  Bathing the dogs now.

"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

Thanks for your post J

I forgot to pay my electric bill, and your post reminded me. I got low on checks and was waiting till new ones arrived, but that's not a good reason to NOT use one that I still have. How we sometimes talk ourselves into procrastinating!


I'm glad to see both of you learning from your mistakes.  I used to get so upset with myself when I made mistakes because I went right into feeling like I was the mistake!  Then I realized how addicted I was to being right.  I was either right or I was a bad, wrong person!

Both of you are the best for owning up to your mistakes and taking action to correct them.


addicted to being right

Karen, it is as if you just hit me over the head with a frying pan! That is me to a T! I am finding that one day at a time I can be wrong and still live through it.... barely....

re mistakes

ugh, I just feel sick when I see how far I let things slip . . . but you are absolutely right, Karen, once I admitted to myself and my family that I am actually NOT very good at managing money, instead of blaming someone else, it began to get easier. 


"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

e's tuesday 19 feb ci

a belated check in and a lazy day at that. I am not getting much if anything accomplished today and need to see more progress.

To Do:
brown desk top


pro's CI - 6:15am

I was up at 6am today - part of my new plan to use my mornings well. On Friday I have an appointment with a personal trainer at 7am, so this is practice. I also want to start getting to work earlier.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

congrats Pro

on getting up early!


"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta


I wasted time after I got up, but at least I got up. Tomorrow I'll work on not wasting time. :P

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Up Early

I got up early, 4 AM, but not because I planned to get up THAT early.  My medication does that to me!  Then I end up sleepy around 6 AM, an hour before I usually leave to pick up the kids.

Today's plans:

work on blue & white quilt (MIT b/c I've procrastinated on it too long!)
1 hr. on Gandhi (MIT)
1 hr. on Amer. Lit. (MIT)
finish some laundry
(X)clean litter box

Have a great day.