Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

pro's CI - 9:30pm

Teeth are brushed. I'm going to stop guilt-tripping myself for relaxing today. :)

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 9pm (dishes, dishes, dishes)

I didn't do laundry today, but that's okay. It started raining at one point, and my laundry would have gotten all wet. Also, I'm having problems with my right foot and it's good to stay completely off it for a day (I never even went out).

I got a lot of reading done - stuff I really wanted to look at. And I did a lot of food prep for the week. I had a mountain of dishes to wash from that, and I just finished everything but the Foreman Grill. I'll take a break and then do that. I've even dried everything and put it away.

I want to brush my teeth next.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 1:45pm (being bad)

I'm still reading, and still not doing laundry. I have an extra day tomorrow because of the holiday. I could do it then. I'm reading a non-fiction book that is relevant to a problem in my life, so maybe that's not so bad (or am I rationalizing)?

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.


Hi pro,

A couple of weeks ago I spent a whole Saturday reading in bed. I read a whole book, which I love to do. It was incredibly restorative. Take good care, and be kind to yourself.

not bad

Gee, it seems like you're doing okay to me. Nothing like reading something that'll help out in some way. Think of all the mindless stuff we do each week or even day. Take care friend.

you're right - I needed it

Thanks, Lark and Kaoba. Your right - I did need the time. I feel so guilty all the time for the things that are undone I never give myself a break.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 10:40am

I washed enough dishes to fill the dish drain. I'll take a reading break for a little while, then dry those off, put them away, and wash another batch.

I'm procrastinating on getting dressed, doing laundry, and washing the rag rug.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

CI for Lark @ 9:40

Good morning everyone. Dreary, but warm here. We can't have it all, huh? I'm still catching up from last week, although I have an over whelming urge to start a new project. "No, don't do that!"
morning things
spiritual time
finish hanging up laundry
get a few small work things out of the way
prepare large work project for this week
get photos ready to send cousin
finish kitchen table (I got a SMALLER!! table!)
check in after lunchtime

kromer 9 CI

Mostly a fun day, but there are some important tasks to get done.

Fun things to do:
Church! (Done)
Hang out with A! (Done)

Silly chores:
Work out cooking for tonight/next week
Wash some dishes
Unpack (Done)

Important work:
Visualize 2-3 networks
Visualize canonical network and compare by eye
Devel. method of quantitatively measuring performance
Write 1 pg of senior thesis rough

kromer 10 CI

OK, I finished working out cooking, but I'm really dreading starting my "important work"
I'm going to work for an hour, then go take a shower, then work for another half hour and go to bed. That's not so bad!
Plan to start:
*I've already visualized 2 new networks, so I'll visualize the third, then save all of then as nice images to show my PI (DONE)
*Visualize canonical network
*Count coregulators and TFs in canonical network (DONE)
Those things should take about an hour

kromer 12:30 CO

OK, took more like 2 hours, but I finished it!
Now I'm off to bed.
For tomorrow morning-ish:
*Try a new calculation based on curr. results
*Search lit. for factors that show up in calcs.
*If time, allow tf-tf connections
*email PF, set up time for mtg and prep mtg

pro's CI - 8:40am

I got up, then I went back to bed with a book, where I've been ever since. Reading is fine, but I have other things to do today. Not only do I need to wash clothes, I badly (BADLY) need to wash the rag rug, vacuum, water the plants (I skipped that last weekend), wash the dishes, and work on my pile). And I need to read more from my friend's book, which I'm commenting on.

So how much longer will I give myself to read...?

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

kaoba's CI

Good morning, everyone!

( ) walk. I am waiting for my husband to come back from his run so that I can go.
( ) help D2 with her homework
( ) cook for the week. Well, husband cooks, I am the assistant ...

That's it!

My wishes to all for a great day today.

kaoba's CO

A good day. My list got done!

(X) walk: one hour on flat course
(X) help D2 with her homework
(X) cook for the week

Douglas' CI

Husband: bring my wife some coffee
Dad: encourage my daughter in her relationship
worker: work on stupid project
homeowner: continue cleaning and caring for patio
father of others: call my son and daughter in law
son: call mother
athlete: begin training for Flying Pig
child of God: Read Bible and get to know Jesus better today!

Wishing you all a great Sunday!


flying pig?

I have a new vision of you, Douglas!

Yes... Flying Pig!

Cincinnati has a marathon the first Sunday of every May called the Flying Pig. (Cincinnati used to be called... are you ready... Porkopolis. Our marathon is a Boston qualifier and this will be the third year in a row I run the half marathon. I have three sons who are all Marines, so as the old man, I have to prove to them that if I can't kick their butts, I can out run them. lol.

You are all to be commended for your self discipline!




Good for you, Douglas! I have never run any road race, but my husband ran the Boston Marathon the year that Rosy Ruiz stole the crown and my mom's boyfriend ran it as a qualified runner for years. I now live on the Marathon route (I mean THE Marathon route) in Athens, so I keep thinking of doing it, but I think I will stick with walking. If you ever come this way, I will go to Panatheicos Stadium to cheer you at the finish line!

e's snowy c/i

I awoke to a half an inch of snow on my porch and the news that Greece is paralyzed by the snow. To be truthful, there is a decent amount of snow in the villages, and it is supposed to get worse, but hailing from New England, it makes me smile to see the kind of weather coverage we are getting: it is akin to hurricane coverage.

to do today
have a snow ball fight
work on taxes for 2007
take care of plants, including the lemon tree which I have been neglecting
cook cauliflower in red sauce, chicken with sage and prociutto, and start lentils.
step 4 work
wash kitchen floor
shower, hair, skin,
file for 15 minutes
figure out to do list for tomorrow
spend some time with G

Snow ball fight?

I hope you enjoyed your snow ball fight as much as your cauliflower in red sauce. Between the two, I'd go for the cauliflower.

snow ball fight and e c/o

I wimped out and sat inside by the fire and watched the snow mound up. We now have around 10 inches here, which is an unheard of amount for the city. Sadly, I am close enough to work to walk tomorrow, otherwise I could legitimately play hookey, but that means the snow ball fight will probably happen tomorrow. We have access to the roof, so perhaps it will be snow angels or a snow figure instead!

It was a very quiet day, but I did cook a decent meal and vacuumed and dusted. Nothing else though, and that needs to change. I am yawning now, so will try to sleep now.

Stay cosy!