Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Saturday 16 February, 2008

pro's CI - 10:20pm (good night!)

Teeth are brushed! I'm going to get into bed now and read for a while. I have a lot I want to do tomorrow.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 9:55pm (bedtime approaching)

It's time to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. I haven't been sleeping well so I don't to procrastinate on it. If I could get a good night's sleep, it would be really great.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Journey 6 pm

Went to get a battery in my daughter's car and it took forever.  She has a pt cruiser and evidently that's a hard battery to replace, and they also charged me an extra 20 bucks! 

So, didn't get groceries and stopped to pick up dinner.  Groceries will have to wait until tomorrow. 

going to eat dinner now, then work . . .


"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

e's almost midnight hello

Hello all, it is nice to get back here and get centered by reading everyone's check ins. I got up very productively and ran around this morning doing errands, and had a good day, including a nap, :)   :smile:,
and had a nice timer relaxing in front of the fireplace chatting with my husband. There is a lot left to do, but it will not happen tonight, as I will be asleep before the computer logs off.

Gratitude list:
successfully returning something to Ikea that was long overdue
shopping without splurging
the willingness to communicate in a straightforward manner
for my 14 year old son who decided to clean out and reorganize the silverware drawer with no input from anyone!
not having to use my credit card today
the time spent with my husband today
getting a phone call from my mother
allowing myself to make progress and not perfection

see you tomorrow!

Douglas C.I.

Clean garage
meet daughter's fiance
clean basement
vaccuum house
mop floors
wash car
make waliking sticks
fall into a coma like sleep


Indiezee 10:54 AM MT

I was pretty bad yesterday and not only did i not come online, I didn't do anything really.  My boyfriend and I decided to have a belated Valentine's day brunch and watch a movie and such, and i basically skipped out on work and other stuff.  I tidied my room and managed to do one hour of homework only because I didn't want any of those piling up today, but still.

So today my list is:

~ go to work at 2

~ tidy my room

~ Do homework

~ do laundry

~ go to the store and buy eye drops and foundation

I've also been asking myself lately, why do I bother with these lists, with all of this?  Most days I feel like I've gotten so much better than how I used to be.  I slip up now and then like I did yesterday, but for the most part I'm good.  I follow through on my lists, on my work, etc.

But I realized that I'm doing this for some ultimate goals.  One of them being art.  I want to be able to produce art again without getting obsessed and shirking all my other responsibilties, which has happened a lot in the past.  Doing art can be like a drug to me, which is why I've been hesitant in putting it down on my list.  But honestly, I need to learn some amount of control if I want to create a portfolio and after some college, possibly make it a career.

So for today I'm putting this on my list as well.

~ Do art for 30 mins.

If after 30 mins I can quit in the middle of what I am doing, then I can do it again tomorrow.  If this works for a week, maybe more, I'll bump it up to an hour.

some art at least

I pretty much did everything on my list, even doing some art for half an hour.  I drew a sketch of my cousin who actually wants me to make some sketches for her to give to her boyfriend as a belated valentine's gift.

I realized how much I prefer drawing people in person, but photos are good too.  I need to start doing that more, drawing.  I've always liked it better than painting, but painting has it's good points too.

The only thing I haven't done but I am about to do is my homework :D

Journey 9 am

Slept in again!   I stayed up late last night playing with my bday present to myself, a new mp3 player.  I missed yoga class, so I'm going to get on the treadmill and try to work off some of the cake and cookies I have been eating over the past week!  I have to work tonight, but Monday is a holiday so that's a good thing.  Here's my list for today:

- exercise * MIT
- make grocery list *
- buy groceries *
- visit mom and dad
- check to see if my glasses are ready, and if so,
- pick them up
- make a quick dinner *
- dishes *
- straighten dining room *
- be ready to start work at 7:30 *

Have a great weekend everyone, and Happy President's Day to those of you in the US.


journey 1:30

spent more time playing with my new mp3 player, exercised, and made a grocery list.  Now I need to take a bath, go pick up my glasses, and get some groceries.  Need to get home in time to make dinner and straighten the dining room before i have to start working at 7:30.  Dishes can wait, I'll probably do them sometime during the evening while I'm waiting for other people to do stuff at work.  I'm hoping to be done with work by about 3 am, then I'll sleep until noon . . . and take it easy tomorrow. 


"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

9:10 am Catch up day for Lark

Good morning everyone. It doesn't appear I'll be able to finish all this weeks goals in one day. This week just wasn't productive or profitable in my little world, so the goal is to make the best of it for today. A few cardboard pocket folders have helped the "pile situation" alot around here, along with a used filing cabinet placed in a cellar room. There's a small thing for work to finish, and then I guess I'll make some progress on a large work project (eating a couple of frogs, you know). Someone in my 12 step program happened to mention a strategy for housework, and I've tried it this morning with success. Instead of focusing on a room, work are, table, etc. she picks one type of object to deal with--like putting all CD's, DVD's, away. Then go to books, or dishes, or whatever. So far it's working here.
 morning things
 spiritual time
 small work project
 section of large work project
 tidy house
 tidy workshop
 put clothes away
 check in around lunch

Falcon's pre-CI for Sat.

Hi all,

Planning ahead for Saturday.  For a lot of us in the U.S. this is a three-day weekend (for President's Day) and I want to make sure I use it well & don't let it get away from me.

Here's what I need to do:

Tonight: Call G., then get to bed early


  • Get up by 6:15.  Use light box, eat breakfast, get dressed by 7:30.
  • Put rent check in mail
  • Load & run dishwasher
  • Vacuum apartment
  • Go to class
  • Pick up kitty litter
  • Eat lunch, shower, etc.
  • Take nap if I need one
  • Finish letter to S.
  • Call L & A


Falcon's sleepyhead CI


Laughing at myself 'cause I'm such a snooze-head!  I didn't manage to haul my somnolent self out of bed early this morning as planned.  I did get the check in the mail, made it to class, picked up the kitty litter & called G.

But then I sacked out & napped for a good part of the afternoon.  Not a stroke of vacuuming done yet.

This lexapro I'm taking is making me very fatigued, and I seem to need a LOT of sleep.  I had the same thing happen a few years ago when I took St. John's wort -- must be a side effect antidepressants have on me, I guess.

Here's how things stand now:  I must get my place cleaned by tomorrow, since my folks are coming over.  I really want to go to my martial arts class tomorrow morning, and I know that after class I'll be physically tired & won't be up for vacuuming then.

So. . . the vacuuming (at least) needs to be done by mid-morning tomorrow if I'm going to go to class.

I could do the tidying, clean the kitchen & bathroom & take the trash out tonight.  Then do the vacuuming before class.  Or maybe start cleaning one room at a time -- tidy & vacuum as I go -- so I'll have some rooms done tonight & can do the rest tomorrow.

Decisions, decisions.  Meanwhile, I just want to laze around or go back to sleep!  :P

Hope everyone's having a good weekend (& a more energetic one than mine!)


Falcon - o.k., a plan

O.k., got a plan now.

I need a little protein in my system, so next up:  eat some beans & rice.  And have a cup of coffee to perk myself up a bit. 

Then, go get the book on CD I've been listening to from the car.  It's a horror story, so it ought to keep me alert.  :O

Then, start doing something, ANYTHING, on the houswork.  Once I've spent the first ten minutes cleaning, I can eat a chocolate (an incentive to get started!)


Falcon - plan is working

I finally got moving!  Got the trash taken out, the dishwasher loaded, the kitty litter changed, the spare room vacuumed, and got some tidying done.  Listening to a book on tape definitely helps.

Now I just have to keep my momentum for a few hours till bedtime.  To do:

Eat some dinner
Keep plugging at housecleaning
Call L&A and chat while putting away dishes & cleaning kitchen