Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Falcon CI - #@$& sleet!

It's snowing & sleeting to beat the band. 

I'm not feeling motivated to do much of anything, and will have to be up early to shovel.  So I'm going to bed before I wander off on the internet & find myself up late -- better to be actually resting than just zoning out.

To do:

Stop eating chocolate covered almonds!
Eat a banana instead
Set out clothes to wear while shoveling
Set out clothes for work
Set alarms
Take vitamins
Do 2 yoga stretches
Go to bed

. . . Think spring!


Falcon CI - off to hibernate

O.k., off to bed! 


kromer CI

Yet another interview day (and a rather unsuccessful one I think :cry:), but need to squeeze a little work in.
Clean out email--Done
Do spanish HW (textbook reading, workbook, diary entry)
Email PS, econ TA MIT
Finish automating visualization MIT
Visualize 2 results MIT
Visualize canonical pathway
Start new job (thresh .1) MIT
Email about memory error MIT--Done
Email PF

Argh, lots of work! I'll just start in, check in frequently, and get through as much as I can.

kromer 11:06 CI

OK, interview/conference events went quite late, but I'm back and trying to get some work done before bed.
I'm currently working on fixing WM, that should be done soon--think fix is done, now testing!
Then, I'll email PS and econ TA (this isn't hard, but for some reason I'm really procrastinating on it)--Done!
Then, I'll start the new job, should take approx. 10 minutes at the most.
Finally, I'll finish automating the visualization...this might take a while, but should be fun.
Since it's so late, that's all I'll try to get done tonight.

kromer 11:40 CI

I'm exhausted, but I'd really like to get through my MITs.

The WM fix and the scripts to start the job are still running, but don't require any more thought, just watching for 20 minutes-ish.

I'm going to try to finish automating the visualization...should be pretty simple, just need to finish automating one last bit. Think this should take only 20-30 minutes, I'll check in when this is done and then go to bed.

kromer 12:10 CO

OK, finished watching WM fix and starting job.
Think I've finished automating the visualization, but I'm too tired to test, so I'll test in the morning. This means I need to get up early (6:30).

Journey 5:30

All my workday MITs are done, plus two other less important tasks.  This makes me feel that my day has been a success.  I don't understand why this is working so well, but hey, I ain't complaining.  I've tried prioritizing before but somehow this is different.  I feel like I'm actually finishing my work. 

I have 3 more that must be done at home or on the way home, so I'll check in from home when they are finished. 


"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

Yikes! You guys have so much going on!

Wowwee, I feel like a slaker procrastinator when I see the lists that most of you have to do.  My worse enemy is the computer- it doesn't even matter if I'm online, I'll find something to do with it.  I tried not checking in until I'd finished some of my tasks today but got side tracked somewhere else.  My desk looks like it's been bombed since there's paper everywhere.  I really wish that there was a person to person meeting because it would get me away from the computer and actually relating.

I also don't feel motivated to do anything- I know it sounds like depression but I'm already on anti-depressants, so that can't be it. ::tongue::

Sorry I'm not sounding too hopeful.  I guess I need to work the steps like I've done so many times in 12-step programs.  Thanks for listening.


No matter where I go, there I am

Lots of to-dos

Hi mb,

I am actually trying to have less and less on my plate, but like you I am also impressed by the massive amounts of stuff people have on their lists, and by all of it that gets done!

long to do list

You can put as many things on your todo list as you like if you're not actually going to DO them lol.  I'm only half kidding! 


"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

Journey 3:30 - phone call

One more MIT I can complete from the office, and that's calling about the high chair.  I hate those phone calls, so I'm going to take a short break, then make the phone call.  Then I'll post back here.  If you don't hear from me by 4:00, come looking for me!


"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

made the phone call

"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta


That is fantastic!!! Congratulations!

Indiezee 11:05 AM MT

I feel like there's a ton of things I have to get done today.

1.) Look for my cellphone (eek!)
2.) Schedule a valentine's massage for my sweetie (or facial) ;)
3.) Take cookies to work so i don't gorge on chocolate and eat unnecessary calories
4.) Buy a timer
5.) Go to the gym
6.) Do half an hour of homework
7.) Tidy my room
8.) Take a nap at 9 PM

I'll probably write back before my nap and see how much of this I actually got done :D



Today is one of those days.  I didn't show up to work so now I feel like an idiot.  My car wouldn't start and it seemed like everything from there fell apart.  I did find my cellphone, it was out in the snow and frozen solid.  And I will be taking a nap soon.

Two out of eight.  Dammit.  Just to feel SOMEWHAT better about myself I think I'll tidy up my room before I take a nap :(

CI Tuesday AM

Big project to complete this morning; very overwhelming; I am going to try to book-end smaller tasks so that I remain on focus and allocate the little amount of time I have left.

So - within the next 30 minutes: read article, think about outline
Next CI 12:00

CI Tuesday AMb

Ahh! Time is ticking away. Direct correlation between level and anxiety and extent of procrastination.
Next CI 12:15
Task: Read expectations, outline major points of talk

CI Tuesday AMc

Techincal difficulties -- didn't realize time had expired.
Next 15: slides!!
CI at 1:00

thanks for the support -- grateful for the website -- will make financial contribution asap

CI Tuesday AMd

Thank you!

Coming along but still a LOT to do
Next CI 1:15
Must finish slides by then! :(
Fighting against the perfectionism that makes me want to call in sick
Hating this cycle of procrastination/perfectionism
On the path toward CHANGING MY HABITS
but it's a slow journey!


Rather than hating your p/p cycle, it may be more beneficial to accept it, which doesn't mean you like it or approve of it, but rather that you begin a process of loving yourself right where you are.  Send healing love to yourself, rather than hate!

You're doing great.  The first step is admitting we have a problem and you've definitely done that!


Alexa - checking in!

Great!  keep up the good work, keep checking in with your progress, it really helps!

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” - Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

Journey 10:15/ updated at noon

Good morning!  Well I got very little done yesterday either work or personal stuff.  I did get the car stuff taken care of and that's good, but I really didn't get a lot done otherwise.  My excuse is that I was tired from the party on Sunday.  I can't use that as an excuse any more! 

I did not set MITs yesterday and I see that it made a difference.  I am commited to two things for the next month (2/6 - 3/6):  Capturing all my "lists" into action outline, and setting MITs each day. 

X - Gym
X - Read and organize email
X - Call in dd's prescription * MIT
- pick up prescription and get a V Day card for dh - * MIT
X - leadership meeting * MIT 
- PoC meeting * MIT
- Work with S. on security package * MIT 
X - check IBM trouble ticket
- respond to IBM trouble ticket
- Call T.B. about high chair for sale  * MIT
- Call W.F. - one of those dreaded horrible phone calls
X - charge phones * MIT (borrowed my boss's charger while in the meeting!)
- on call duties
  1. monitor trouble tickets
  2. make a list of everything needed for the weekend
      don't need to work on this today, just know what needs to be done
- put tags on dd's car - * MIT
- check balances and go to the bank if I need to - * MIT 
- prep for tomorrow
- dinner?
Gotta go to a meeting now, so I will come back and star the MITs.  Later!


Update at noon: starred the MITs.  I see already that I have spent time on some less important stuff rather than getting to the MITs. 

A question for those of you that do MITs:  How in the heck does Leo keep his MITs to three a day??  Maybe I could combine some things, but I always have at least 5 MITs.  Maybe it's because he has a wife ha ha!  I know that he also does some things like prepare the kid's lunches in the evening but he doesn't set that as an MIT.  Maybe now that it's a habit it doesn't have to be an MIT. 

Now, I'm going to check off another one of those MITs! 


"Finish your MITs, then take a nap!" - Leo Babauta

What's an MIT?

This may be a stupid question, but what is an MIT?



MITs are "Most Important Tasks"  and setting them is recommended by Leo Babauta of the Zen Habits Blog.  The blog is great!  Check it out . . . NOT NOW! . .. when you have a break lol


9:28 CI for Lark , snow

Good morning everyone. The weather here is putting a damper on everything this morning. I can't do what I planned, so I need to do other things (and there are PLENTY). A client just developed payment problems, so I'm moving anything of his aside. That's a pretty good reason to procrastinate, huh?  An urgent project came up, so that'll be on the list today, along with prepping for the next one, and a continuation of house work.
To do:
 morning things
 spiritual period
 heat workshop
 finish bathroom
 finish kitchen table
 wash dishes
 primary work project
 get next project ready for tomorrow morning
 go to bank
check in again at lunch

Tuesday CI kaoba

Good morning! Today is indeed a new day, with a different feeling to it.

Next to-dos:

(X) Finish writing to D
(X) am routines (weigh, groom, get dressed, etc)
(X) Make and eat breakfast

That's it for now.

kaoba update 2

Next three items in line:

(X) make and have snack
(X) write my top 10 goals in the corresponding thread
( ) go for a walk, no longer than 0:30

I hope everyone is having a good day.

kaoba update 1

Done my mini-list of three. Now:

(X) edit 0:45
Kept working about double the time I had budgeted for this. Not good. Getting "stuck" in one activity is one of the things that most consistently derail me.

(X) dishes, general kitchen pick-up
Set the timer for 0:15, but then the wrap-up took another 0:10.

(X) organize desk and office 0:30
Did this for only 0:20, but made some headway.


e's scaring me check in

The thread starter is exactly how I feel today: hope you did not open it before you had your morning coffee! So, today, I am kicking @ss and taking names with myself: I have lots of disruption planned for the office, so here goes

worker: Move boxes down to basement, move art to where boxes where, move cabinets and other boxes from the library, shred, file, shred some more. photocopy contracts for G., ABSTRACT MIT,

Spouse: thank you, Douglas, for reminding me that Valentines Day is coming! plan something inexpensive and sweet, but not goopy

Parent: check to make sure subway stations are open for A's interview this PM. negotiate with George for a reward system for homework for C.

homemaker: plan something yummy to make with ground beef (meatloaf? chili? shephards pie?) and veg, and salad. shift laundry for A. hotspot! MIT

fiscally responsible person: arrange for electronic link for transfer of money, to tax alone or not to tax alone, decide, follow up on college apps MIT

fitness instructor: walk home from work. for today no candy,

aesthetician and fashion consultant: (yeah, right) do the routine (morning complete, now just evening to go! MIT) moisturize. Brush teeth. simple manicure. sew on buttons, drop of clothes for seamstress.

Definitely scary


Hmmmm. . . nothing is really weighing me down more than our finances, which I can do very little about today except:

Do something about auto-pay on mortgage.
Figure total paid on SIL's paint sprayer.
Figure total paid on pump.

Work on goals, etc. for David's blog stuff from yesterday.
Do an hour of work on Gandhi unit study.