Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Saturday 9 February 2008

What hats are you going to wear today?

For what roles in your life do you have tasks to work on?

e's end of saturday

I did not get here today, but it was still a good day. I woke early in the morning with the sounds of furniture blowing around outside on the balcony and my son sleeping through his alarm clock. I got up, turned off his alarm, rescued various items from being blown over and came inside. I made breakfast for everyone and neatened a bit. I am particularly happy with myself for the consistent way I am following a regimine (sp?) the pharmacist gave me: who knew that if you followed their instructions things might actually improve? I got a haircut that no one in my family likes but me, and I am actually okay with that. The kitchen is fairly neat, I took a nap, my husband went shopping and I journaled quite a bit.

Tonight: sleep before midnight
big book
start thinking about fourth step work
hot spot one flat messy surface in my bedroom
set out clothing for tomorrow

friend: attend memorial service
self care: skin regimine, moisturize, fix hair/makeup
cook: plan menu for Sunday and Monday meals
spouse: take a nice detour home
parent: practice interview with A, review homework with C, teach them to play Hearts
homemaker: dust mop! wash kitchen floor, declutter the dining room/front hallway

Falcon Saturday

Hi all,

A couple of weeks ago, I was really on a roll.  My calendar was packed, all with good stuff.  After many years of struggling my way out of depression, I'm wanting to make up for lost time by pursuing a number of passions, and that feels great.  Laughing

The bad news. . . I overdid it and got a bit burnt out.  Frown

For the past week or so, I've slipped into old habits of shutting down & tuning out, surfing the web & ignoring my life.  It's understandable that under stress I'd automatically fall back on old defense mechanisms, but not a good thing.  Good that I at least caught it fairly quickly (though better of course if I can catch it & change it right away next time.)

I've been coming to terms with that the past couple of days; it was surprisingly difficult to admit to myself what I was doing, & I feel a little sore inside.  Now it's time to gently get myself on track again. 

So, taking it slow. . .

Call M.
Eat a snack
Put dirty dishes in dishwasher
Clean kitchen counter
Check back in here


Falcon CI - fatigue

Guess I was more tuckered than I realized!  Did everything on my list except the kitchen counter, then was suddenly so-o-o-o slee-e-e-e-py I just made it to the sofa, curled up & napped for over an hour.  Then got up & (finally) did the counter.

So, apparently I'm a tad fatigued.  Time for the ever-popular triage!  Stuff that absolutely has to get done tonight:

Set out clothes for tomorrow
Load of laundry
Launder gis
Split pills
Get directions
Set alarm clock

If I'm still awake:

Clear kitchen island
(Maybe) glance through The Pile


Falcon - necessary stuff done

O.k., I did all the stuff that HAD to get done today.  Didn't launder the gis yet, but that's o.k. since I can do them tomorrow & they'll still dry before my next class.

Going to eat dinner, run through my music, then go to bed & do still more sleeping.  I'm starting to rival my cat in the snooze marathon department.


good for you, falcon

I identify with just your experience: feeling good, overdoing it, and then sliding, not realizing how far things have gotten out of control. The daily aspect of checking in helps me when I go on jags of procrastination. This week has been such a mixture of that: accomplishing much, then zoning out online. It helps me to hear that you go through that cycle as well and have tools to stop it. One little thing at a time....

Thanks, Elizaveth

Hi Elizaveth,

Thanks!  In a way, it's progress for me, since I spent much of my life underdoing everything due to depression & emotional baggage -- it's nice to finally be enthusiastic enough about my life to overdo it once in a while.  Now I can experiment with the balance point so that I'm not either doing too much too fast or hanging out in zone-out land (the internet is just way too easy to zone out on, isn't it?)


the internet

I have not really figured out whether the internet is a healthy place for me or not. I suppose, as with anything, it is probably fine if I can keep it in balance with the rest of my life. However, I am just as likely to zone out on a book, watch and rewatch a favorite movie, play a solitary game until I win, or simply lay in bed or watch the fireplace. Not that these things in and of themselves are bad, but they are escapes. As long as I can limit the length of the escape, I am okay. When I choose not to it becomes a problem.

quick c/i

I want to do a quick check-in to help stay conscious today. My tendency on Saturdays is to go in 20 directions and finish none. I also use small busy tasks to unconsciously go away from my self and my family.

1 good hour on taxes
finish laundry
notice each time I feel the urge to disengage in the moment
play with family

Journey Saturday 9:30

Good morning!  I have to - I mean I WANT TO - get ready for the party I'm having tomorrow for my dad's bday.  He's 81.  I would prefer to just stay in bed and hide but I gotta get going.  This is me today:

I'm supposed to go to a baby shower at 1:00, and it's an hour away.  DH will be disappointed if I don't make the effort to go . . .and he's doing a lot of stuff for my family party tomorrow so I guess I will be going.  So, here goes:

* Straighten and dust - 1 hr.
* Stop by mom's - 1 hr.
* Buy groceries (list is already made) - 2 hrs
* Buy a baby shower gift and go to the dumb baby shower - 4 hrs
   (print out directions)
sort laundry and put it out of sight - 1 hr.
* clean bathrooms and mop bathroom floors 2  hrs.
clean kitchen extremely well - 1 hr.
make sandwich filling - 30 min
make cucumber sandwiches - 2 hrs.
* dinner - 1 hr.

Some of these things can be done in the morning - the party is at 1:00 - so I have until about noon tomorrow to get some stuff done.  But they are all MITs lol.  I have to do some triage so I'll put stars by the stuff that I have WANT to do today. 

OK, wish me luck.  I hate entertaining and doing social stuff.  Actually I hate thinking about it, but when the party starts I will have a good time.  I really enjoy family get togethers and I enjoy having my family nearby so that we CAN get together.  But getting ready for the party is uber-stressful.

Have a great weekend all!


“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” - Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

movingalong's Tasks/Roles for Saturday

  • Inspired by Doug's thread  here , I have decided to organize today's tasks by "roles".
  • Parent of furbabies:  feed, water, groom, cuddle, play, walk
  • Recovering debtor: list current bills, pay current bills, list old debts, work on payment plan for old debts, organize current spending plan, make 12-Step phone calls
  • Employee at regular parttime job:  Go into the office for a few hours, list tasks and prioritize them, work on those tasks that need doing first.  Spend a half hour filing backlog.  Plan out calendar with tasks for upcoming month, so that I am not surprised by deadlines.  Prepare for February to end on 29th (which gives me less days to get things done than if it were any other month).
  • Temporary employee at miscellaneous odd jobs:  Plan my month for availability for outside work (after looking at calendar mentioned above for my regular job).  Phone agency about availability.
  • Homemaker:  Do some maintenance housekeeping in bathroom.  Vacuum living room and bedroom.   Do some laundry!   Do test run on repair of dishwasher.   Scoop dog poop from backyard.  Make phone calls for quotes for costs of repairing something a pet broke.  Do 10 minutes on sorting out one of the many boxes of junk hidden in storeroom.
  • Tenant:  Find lease info, organize my files on this.   Contact landlord about standard items in need of repair.
  • Citizen:  participate in local political event
  • Taxpayer:  find tax info.  begin to organize materials
  • Human being with a body:  eat healthfully.  shop for groceries.  Exercise and/or take a walk.  Shower/bathe.  Comb hair.
  • Soul:  Meditate.  Read some 12-Step literature.  Get some fresh air.   Listen to uplifting music.  Remember to take a few minutes to just sit in a spiritual attitude -- without feeling guilty about not being "busy".
  • Human being with brain and emotions:  Remember to have some fun today!  This will refresh me and is HEALTHY!
  •  Try to rotate 10 minutes on each of the above roles.  Know that I don't have to do any role perfectly, but every role needs a bit of attention.  This can keep my day in balance.  Even if I get only a quarter of the above tasks done, I will feel better if I do a little in each "role" or category.

--- movingalong

hooray for furbabies!

I don't know what I'd do without my animals . . . they always love me, even if I'm unproductive.  As long as I feed them! 


“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” - Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes