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Saturday 22 December 2007

pro's CI - 7:30pm

I said I was going to check in every day of my vacation. My vacation started today. I'm checking in late, but I have a good reason. I spent the day with my sister-in-law and niece at MoMA.

I wanted to mail a present to my sister tonight by overnight mail, but the THIEF at Mailboxes, Etc. around the corner decided to QUADRUPLE the cost of shipping - gouging last minute Christmas shoppers. She usually doubles shipping so I never have shipped packages from there, but tonight I was going to do it except she wanted to change me $90!!!! I couldn't believe it. The clerk was embarrassed. I took back my package and went to the post office, but the windows were closed. If I hadn't waited on line at Mailboxes, Etc. I probably would have gotten there on time. So the package will arrive the day after Christmas. That's too bad, but it's better than being ripped off by that greedy, opportunitist B*.

My legs are tired from standing and walking all day, so I can't do much work tonight. There's tomorrow, of course!

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

11 am CI, Lark

This morning I had to pay consequenses for a litte procrastinating yesterday. One of my "to do"s" while on my trip to town was to pick up a gift certificate. I stayed on-line a few minutes too long at home, and the place was closed! (How dare they.) Wel, I had to make a special trip this morning. Arrgh. I have help today for some home projects, so hopefully several will be crossed off by tonight. Yesterday's attempts at house cleaning made everything look worse. Hmm. When everything is put back later it'll be better--I hope. Have a good day everyone.
to do:
(X)morning things
 spiritual time
(X)get gift certificate
 straighten things in house
 do outside things for house A, B, C, D
 call client about his work project
 check in later this afternoon

kromer 7 (PT) CI

I actually managed to get up at a decent hour.
I'm going to go have breakfast, then work on my MIT bioengineering application until 9.
Then, I'll go out running, come back and finish the application; I should be done by 11.
Then I'll go shopping for my grandpa, uncle, aunt and cousins.
When I get back, I'll see how much time is left in the day, and plan from there.

kromer 4:45 (PT) CI

Wow, it's hard to get stuff done on break.

I did go running, and buy presents, and I also did a bunch of baking and cleaning. But the MIT application is still not done, and I really want it finished today. I just have to finish up my personal statement, but I'm having trouble.

So, I'm going to sit down and finish it, in small steps (with lots of check ins!)
1)Write up who I would like to work with
2)Write up why bioengineering is a sensible department to apply to
3)Make it flow
5)Pay application fee and submit

I'm going out to dinner with friends at 6:30, so I'll try to finish it by then, but if I have to finish up afterwards it's not a disaster.:)

kromer 5:20 (PT) Check-in

Making progress! I wrote up who I wanted to work with.
Now, on to explaining why I like BE. :P

kromer 5:45 CI

Not doing so well, I've got horrible writer's block.
I've set a timer for 8 minutes and am going to just write until it goes off.
Then I'll let myself take a break and wrap some packages.

kromer 6 (PT) CI

Yay! Timer worked! It's mostly done, just need to finish improving the flow and do a final proofread.
I'm going to wrap packages for 15 minutes, go to dinner, and finish it up when I get back.
I'll check in as soon as I get back from dinner, so I won't be tempted to goof off when I get home.

Congrats, Kromer!

Hi Kromer,

Good for you!  I'm glad to know of another timer enthusiast -- I know I couldn't get anything done without mine.



I think that setting a timer for 15 minutes is the only way I'll start on my paperwork. I'm going to so it after I take a break from cleaning.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Heading toward spring

Hi all,

Just thought I'd mention that we're past the winter solstice -- the sun starts coming back today & we're on the way to spring.  A note of cheer for those of us who fight depression & the "hibernation drive" all winter!

Oy, do I have a lot to do the next three days!  And just a tiny wee inclination to put it all off.  ;-)

Next up:  Get dressed, then see how much vacuuming I can get done before going to class.

Catch you later,


Oh deary me

Well, that took way longer than planned.  It took me a while to get my stuff together for class because it was scattered all over the place, and I didn't get to the vacuuming yet because it took me a while to clear out all the books dumped by the bed to make space to vacuum.

Past procrastination catching up with me!  Wouldn't it be nice if that motivated me to do more, rather than leading me to want to procrastinate more?  :tongue:

Oh well, off to class.  I'll pick up kitty litter on the way home so I can change the litter before vacuuming the back room.

Hope everyone else's day is off to a smoother start than mine!



I really don't want to do the vacuuming.  But I really want to get the vacuuming DONE while it's still light out, so I'll have more light to see the dust by (otherwise I'll just find lurking dust bunnies when the sun comes up tomorrow.)  Which only gives me a short time -- the sun sets early this time of year.

O.k., I'm going to set a timer and vacuum in ten-minute chunks, and after each ten minutes I'll play a quick (2-minute) online game.  Ten minutes of vacuuming at a time isn't going to kill me, right?


I'm good!

Done!  And changed the kitty litter, and took out the trash, and turned the mattress, and put clean sheets on the beds, and put a load of laundry in.  Am I good, or what?  (And ever so modest!)  ;-)

Next up:  reward myself with a little reading time, eat something, then look at my list and see what I can do before bedtime.


WTG Falcon!!

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Thanks, Pro!

Hey Pro,

Thanks for the back-pat!  And for the virtual candy (way lower in calories than the 3-D kind!)