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Thursday, December 20, 2007

RR CI 11:30 pm

this week's receipts

To do tomorrow:
get directions
buy bag/gift for aunt
find paperwork
take papers and laptop
make plans for cats
(call sh, give her keys, call gr)

To do this weekend:
type up story

Mark CI 4:39 PM EST

- XML::DOM used in Import
- grid - 3x3 working
- proposal - 1 more hr work
- proposal - send draft to RJ
x call dr.
- pay student loan
- confirm balances
- assemble fc
- desk clean
- vacuum office
- tree
- ch. of programming bk
- take g + m 2x
- read g email and reply

ongoing: clock 75 hours by end of the years (started at 4:39 EST 12/20/07)

N checking in

Argh. So much snow.  Now I feel both metaphorically and physically a bit buried.  So.  I'm thankful for this forum!

I feel like procrastinating by websurfing.  I need to say that here and commit to my next right thing:

6 hours disseratation work

Thanks everyone,


Lark at 9:10 am

It looks really nice outside here, and I hope the temperature matches the appearence more closely. Yesterday I had a work-related mess to fix--after putting it off, of course--and its crept into today. The plan is to focus on it, and be able to cross it off the "BIG LIST" sometime around lunch.
 read something spiritual
 finish main project
 five minutes of house straightening
 a couple of minutes to keep "pile" on table from breeding
 help friend clean his car (before his wife comes home)
 go to 12 step meeting

Journey 8:45

And a good morning to you!  Great thread starter.  I'm going back to putting my whole todo list in here, at the risk of boring you all to tears.  It just isn't as satisfying to check things off in outlook task manager as it is to check them off in the forum.  Know what I mean?  

X - gym
  - class all afternoon
  - put on some makeup before the class!  
  - get web interface to monitor working
  - get sample data from monitor
  - review all the saved email about WPS
  - figure out who to ask about notification manager
  - dh's office party tonight   

Some mornings it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps. - Emo Phillips  

kromer 7:20 CI

Up, showered, dressed, work for plane printed.

Now time to deal w/ papers and such for 40 minutes, then leave ON TIME for my flight.
On the flight, I want to:
->Finish senior project introduction
->write rough essays for DOE and NDSEG fellowships
->finish The HipHop Generation

kromer CI (late)

Yesterday I made my flight (barely).
I finished HipHop Generation, but didn't finish other 2 goals...I did make significant progress on my DOE and NDSEG essays, though.