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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Grades are ready to go! Julie's bedtime CI

I made a list but didn't end up posting it today. I just wanted to say that I am finished with my grading except for one student who is supposed to email me a late assignment tonight. So all I have to do is enter that and upload the grades! Yeah! They actually aren't due until tomorrow evening, so it is highly unusual for me to have them finished ahead of time(: I wanted to say thanks to Pro and to everyone on here. Just knowing that I can check in here has been a big help to me. I still have a ways to go, but I'm doing much better. Have a good night and "see" you in the morning.

RR CI 9:30

That photo is so fricking adorable!

still having problem procrastinating social things! maybe i'm a misanthrope at heart.
tomorrow: write thank you cards
receipts for today and tomorrow

social things - rabblerouser

"still having problem procrastinating social things! maybe i'm a misanthrope at heart."

I'm a real introvert, so social stuff really stresses me out and I try to avoid it.  Fortunately I'm married to real extrovert so he does our social planning and all I have to do is show up and smile.  I'm dealing with all the holiday stuff at work right now, and of course he can't help me with that. 

It's really amazing though to see the difference between the two of us.  He loves being around people and he is energized by crowds and parties, and I'm exhausted and stressed by them.  On the other hand, he has a hard time working alone on a project, and I love doing that.  To each his own! 


Some mornings it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps. - Emo Phillips  


maybe i need to rethink dating introverts.  :)   

Lark at 10:15 am... Hi Pro! (and 5:30 pm)

I've been putting off posting my CI  by answering other posts. Gee. Maybe if I wait till the weather gets really nasty, those outside things will turn out better? Ugh. Hohpe you're feelin' better Pro, and you'd be really proud of me if you saw how small my "pile" currently is!
 To do:
(X) install storm window
 (X)check neighbor's house and feed dog
 (X)finish work project that didn't get done yesterday
 (Not done, but  made progress )finish the small project I didn't even touch yesterday
 (not perfect, but ok) stick to Flylady program (just for today) 

pro's CI - 10:15am

Somehow I'm still eating breakfast. Need to get stuff done today.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Cabin fever

Hi all,

I haven't checked in for a while -- I've actually been too busy to procrastinate!  But today I'm stuck indoors due to crappy weather, and fighting winter depression and cabin fever. 

My place is pretty much a wreck, and I might or might not have people coming over later, depending on the weather, so that's an incentive to at least get the place looking a little presentable.

Up next:  shower, dress, eat breakfast, take fish oil capsules, & brush teeth.

Journey, that is an insanely cute thread starter picture!  Smile


So far so good

O.k., so far so good.  My folks aren't coming over till this evening, though, so I don't have that immediate urgency to clean up right away.  Gotta come up with a different incentive. . .

Next up:  clean the bathroom.  Then I can watch ten minutes of t.v. on DVD.



O.k., next up. . . scrape the nasty waterlogged sleety slushy snow off the driveway and walks.

It's beastly out -- raw, cold and windy. 

Let's see, can I throw a little more melodrama into this?  Oh, woe!  Oh despair!  Out into the frozen cold and damp!  To engage in back-breaking labor while my fingers freeze into ice cubes! 

All right, so maybe it's not THAT bad.  But I still deserve hot chocolate when I'm done.  ;-)



And just to add to the martyrdom, it started pouring rain while I was out there!  You can just imagine how virtuous (o.k., make that smug) I'm feeling now. 

Next:  eat some lunch & drink some tea and rest a bit.  Back to work at 3:00.


"Birds of a feather" (ditto)

Seems like I could have written your post, Falcon. The weather here was horrid yesterday, nice right now, but something bad is startiing to blow in soon. Now is the best time for outside tasks and errands. I've been putting off installing one storm window for days--I'll show it! There's a meeting of my 12 step fellowship tonight which I don't often attend, yet I'm fuming about the weather changing and not being able to go--and I've only attended it about 8 times so far this year. Then the old "if I can't do that, I won't do anythng thoughts come in". Excuses really feed Procrastination as a disease. Good luck.

Hang in there!

Hang in there, Lark, & best of luck with your storm window! 

Winter weather is a downer, isn't it?  Seems like it waits to snow & sleet until the most inconvenient time sometimes!  I'm reminding myself to be glad I at least have a snug home to get cabin fever in. . . I can't imagine what it would be like to be homeless in this raw weather.

Hope everyone is staying warm & toasty today!


Journey 9 am

I chose this thread starter because I really want to go back to bed with my cat and two dogs and sleep for a few more hours. 

Going to get cleaned up and dressed in my housework clothes and then make my to do list. 
This is something I learned from the Flylady - taking a shower and getting dressed including shoes and socks - rather than lounging around in your pajamas - gets the day started. 


Some mornings it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps. - Emo Phillips  

Flylady does work, doesn't it?

Once I'm dressed and put my shoes on I'm automatically starting the day. I sometimes get resentful at Flylady, but it takes very little time to make it work. The shining your sink thing is amazing. I used to wait till the sink was full of dishes till I washed them (saving evergy or something was the excuse), but washing the handfull there each morning is quick, and I feel kind of good afterwards.

kromer 9:20 CI

All right, got to finish my project. I'm going to get it done in the 40 minutes before I leave for church.  Then I'm going to take the day off until 5:30, and come home to go jogging and work on my senior thesis.

kromer 6:20 CI

OK, not doing so great...didn't get the project done, didn't get home until 6:00, and then just wasted 20 min online. I'll try finishing the project again. I'm going to turn it in by 7:30 at the absolute latest....I need to stop obsessing over it.
Plus the weather is absolutely awful, so I think jogging isn't going to happen. I'm thinking sit-ups/yoga in my room instead.
I'll post back when I'm done with project + exercise, and then get dinner and make a to-do list for my thesis.
And I'll turn my website-blocker back on!

kromer 9:30 CI

All right, this day is kind of a disaster, have made no progress on project and it needs to be done by tomorrow.
I did exercise though! And turn on my website-blocker.
I'm going to get this project done step by step:
1) Work out details of third step of proof
2) Work out details of first step of proof
3) Work out details of second step of proof
4) Take a short break (10 minutes)
5) Make diagrams for third step
6) Make diagrams for first step
7) Make diagrams for second step
8) Proofread
9) Email to prof.

kromer 10:30 CI

Did step (1), working on (2)...grr so slow, at least I'm making progress

kromer 11:15 CI

OK, doing better, done with (2) and working on (3), no huge bugs in proof so far.

kromer 11:50 CI

Plowing ahead! (3) is done, hope it will be easy now!

Good job Kromer!

It sounds like you're making real progress. Keep going!Smile

kromer 2:15 CI

Thanks for the encouragement!

I'm now proofreading and should turn in shortly.

Ugh, I hate having to stay up late like this.

See you all tomorrow!