Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Success Stories

Share your successes here - large or small. Have you caught up on your taxes? Stopped showing up late for work? Even small victories can mean a lot.

being kind to myself

so i've been using the PA chatbox for like 7 years now. and through some emotional work that i'm doing right now, i'm able to see that i have kind of been using action as a big stick to beat myself up with. that's not the whole story: i also enjoy working hard, and i've accomplished some important things for myself. but there is a punitive element that i'm now ready to let go of. 

and letting go of it will probably mean doing less for awhile, or at least doing less of the things that are high priority but unpleasant. 

going on holiday

unbelievable!  Thanks to PA i have got everything done I need to before i go on holiday, and I'm leaving within the time range I'd set myself.

This is an incredibly rare occurrence - thank you everyone, especially pro

Back in a week!


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I Can't Believe I'm Finally Finished!

Last November I was given a project at work. I've been procrastinating on completing it for MONTHS! Well, today I finally finished. I turned it in at exactly 12:00 this afternoon. My brain is exhausted. I doubt I'll do anything else today.

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Productive Morning

I'm having a great morning; very productive so far. It feels good. I haven't had a morning like this in a good while.

So far:

5:00 am - dressed for exercise, washed my face, brushed teeth

5:30 am - 40 minute workout

6:30 am - Shower

7:00 am - Breakfast

Now I'm off to spend time in devotion. Feels really good to be back on task!

Procrastinators Anonymous has enable me to file my Taxes.


I cant say enough about how much procrastinators anonmyous has helped me.
But I can point to 1 specific case.
Filing taxes, has been one of the bane of my existence, avoiding it, and than filing at the last second, and praying i dont get a fine.
Every year its the same deal, i forget how to do it, and the cycle repeats.
This time for the first time, i will file before the final deadline, with significantly less stress, and i have filed all the documents together, so next year i know how to file taxes properly.
Theres no need to panic.

I found my mobile phone guarantee!

I have a major problem with filing - my study has piles and boxes of unfiled paper.  My mobile phone needs to be sent to Samsung for repair, and I've been putting off searching for the receipt and guarantee for the last 3 weeks.  Even worse,it's been on my check-in list for the last 5 days.

The church accounts are done and submitted

I rejoined the website 9 days ago, with the imminent challenge of data entry and writing up a long overdue set of accounts.  I'm delighted to say last year's spreadsheet is now completely up-to-date and the 2019 balance sheet has been submitted to the area treasurer.

semiyearly reconciliation turned out well

about every 6 months, i reconcile what i'm supposed to have with what i actually have, as a way of checking my month-to-month bookkeeping. 

and things are better than i thought. that is a huge win for me. 

made big steps with immigration

-i started the complicated process of switching from private to public health insurance and also making my 60 months of payments into public social security in order to qualify for permanent residency. 

-i adjusted to and am now adequately planning for the reality of the tax rates here. 

these are two massive steps i will likely not need to repeat. 

I finally got started again on making my Animated Series


This morning i finally after years of procrastination, managed to sit down and rewrite the mindmap i had for an animated youtube series, I had in my mind.
I got it to the point where there is a logical order, of beginning, middle and end, and you can see the connections between everything.
I have managed to take a crazy idea and turn it into something logical that is almost ready for a prouduction ready document, a script, that i can transform into storyboards,  that can be transformed into Animations. or Animated Series from an Idea.

A thank you from the bottom of my heart

In two weeks, it will be one year since I applied to be part of this site. Once I got access, I was met by a load of people who supported each other through difficult times. Everyone had different situations, backgrounds, reasons to change. But the common thread holds us together. Pro has kindly set up a place where we can all meet, and share honestly about our struggles and make public our determination to change.

Monday Memos of Success

Ok so every week the dean at my school sends an e-mail out to everyone highlighting the a-mazing achievements of everyone. I bet you can guess who's name is NOT on that list ever.

So I thought "heh. I'm sick of this guy I don't even know making me feel bad. I'm going to celebrate my successes even if he doesn't think they are worth sending in an e-mail!"

So here this is. Each Monday, feel free to put in your successes, either big or small. We are all on our own journey and shouldn't measure ourselves with someone else's yardstick.

Thesis Passed by Examiners

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to leave a short message of thank you to all my  fellow members who have helped me throughout the last year, as well as tell any new members that there is hope at the end of this seemingly dark and desolate place we find ourselves stuck in. 

Not doing too badly

I haven't been on here much lately, because I've given up my job that was causing me so much stress and the pressure on my time has been considerably eased.

I've also been wary of  spending too much time at my computer, so instead of checking in here I've been writing a list on a wipe-off sheet stuck to the fridge door and (mostly) only coming on to my computer as a leisure activity in the evening.

partial recovery after 4 years program + 3 months attempting abstinence

I joined this 12-step program on the web, 5 years ago, and i have attended phone 12-step meetings for 1 year, and i have been attempting abstinence from unplanned tasks, for 3 months. God has used all that to form definite changes in my life that have stuck.

  • quiet time every day. I miss 1 day every 2-3 weeks. A MAJOR enabling recovery piece has been to LIMIT my quiet times. Limit in time and complexity. Otherwise they would get out of hand and be unsustainable. Another major piece is making friends with routine.

Diploma in computing

Most of my life appears to be totally out of control, but I'm pleased to announce that I have achived my Diploma in Computing.  Ive got three more modules and a project to do to get my degree.

 The two modules I did this year I got a distinction in one, and missed the distinction by 4% in the other.  Considering that during the latter course my husband passed away, and I got severe depression, I am delighted to have something I can be proud of.


Hypatia's reports project is complete

5 months after starting I have finally dictated the last of the backlog of 100+ reports

When I started I had severe depression following my husband's death, and my manager had massively reduced my workload so I could concentrate on reports and meetings.  To start with it would take me several hours to do a report that would normally take about an hour.  After two months I was back to a full workload and was beginning to enjoy my work again.

What has helped

Salamander's Overdue Tax Returns

I have today posted to my accountant what I believe to be the final documentation he needs to get my tax returns completely up to date. It was my goal to have this done in September. This will remove the threat of court action from HMRC - huzzah! May I please indulge myself in a modest WOOOOOOOT! about it? Cool

Housework success

I have spectacular demand avoidance on any housework activities.  I am therefore delighted to announce that today I put the crockery and cutlery in the dishwasher because I wanted to in order to keep the kitchen tidy, not because I HAD to to get a clean cup for my coffee.

This is a major step forward!


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