Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

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Meeting materials, readings, discussion of the steps.

on "God Talk"

This discussion was pulled from the August 27, 2009 daily check-in. A few people here are extremely religious. Many (most?) are not. We try to be tolerant of everybody, which is the main point I hope this thread makes. If you read an extremely religious post from someone, don't think that this means you must be extremely religious to be here. If you read a post from someone who is atheist, don't think that this means you must be atheist. Just be whatever you are in a tolerant way, and don't try to push anyone to think like you do.

PA Meeting Materials

Procrastinators Anonymous Meeting Materials

PA Meeting Format
PA Preamble
PA 12 Steps
PA 12 Traditions
PA Signs of Compulsive Procrastination
PA Tools for Recovery

These materials can be used for both face-to-face and online meetings.

updated meeting materials

I have updated the PA meeting materials. There are now 12 signs and 12 tools, and they are connected - sign #1 is related to tool #1, etc.

Please refer to the MEETING LIST for days/times

This section references many meetings that are no longer taking place. I'd like to make these sections read-only, but Drupal doesn't give that capability.

All current meetings are on the Meeting List in the main menu.

"Prioritization-Serenity Prayer"

Prioritization-Serenity Prayer:
(rough draft)

This topic started out with a recent discussion amongst some 12step people
about the concept from productivity gurus ... of classifying tasks as
most urgent, most important, less urgent, less important,
or combinations thereof,
And then creating a prioritization system from this.

From there, the conversation transitioned into the Big Book of AA
where it says that our goal should be to
become of most usefulness to higherpower and to others.

Step and Tool of the Week discussion: Step 6 and Tool 2

Following the 12-Step Online Biz-Meeting today, we agreed to post a thread each week so that PA members can be reminded of and discuss the next week's upcoming step and tool.  At the end of the next 12-step meeting (Dec 2) we will ask for a volunteer to create a discussion thread for the subsequent week's step and tool, with a reminder in the daily check-in thread if they wish. 

Step 6: Were entirely ready ...

I've been home sick two days so had plenty of time to dig into some Step work.  I've been miserable lately due to my resistance to accepting my current Life on Life's Terms. Identified that I'm still in withdrawal from the crack cocaine of fame (I had a little in the 90s) (fame, not crack, lol) and that has messed up my judgment of what actually matters to my HP.

Tool of the Week

This week's Tool is:

Tool #

1.   Break It Down: Break down projects into specific action steps; include preparation tasks in the breakdown.

It can be discussed on the forum or during the online meeting today and tomorrow.

Let's Discuss!!!

Step 1 questions from a "sibling" fellowship (WA)

In the interest of getting myself moving again on a First Step regarding my procrastination/perfectionism dis-ease, and I hope also providing a service to some here, here's list of questions from the big book of Workaholics Anonymous:

1. How has work stress and excess work and/or work avoidance affected my health?

Personal Stories of Recovery for PA Big Book - PLEASE SEND

Please send me - BY EMAIL - your personal stories of recovery for the Procrastinators Anonymous Big Book, which I am working on now. Your stories should take this traditional form:

1. What it was like: What your life was like before recovery in P.A., the problems you were having. Describe your bottom.

2. What happened: What brought you into P.A.? How did you find P.A.? What P.A. steps and tools did you use? What did the course of your recovery look like?

Looking for a Sponsor

I'm secular (not sure if that will be a problem) but will take anyone with any religion.

I can only email or IM.

Please respond if you're interested. :)


How to get rid of feelings of compulsive demand resistance

a compulsive procrastinator, and wanting to utilize this site to help
me stop procrastinating

I get these urges to go compulsively shop (due to demand
resistance). how can I get rid of this feeling or process the feelings so I can take care of
important things?

Step 4 is scary!

I'm making another attempt to seriously complete all the steps and I found this resource online, step 4 worksheets.  Have fun . . . or well, it's not exactly fun, but you know what I mean :P


Buisness Meeting Minutes

Buisness Meeting  dt. 27 December 2009

Members Present :

Another Tool Needed

I think an other important tool is needed.  Taking satisfaction from our accomplishments.  That is the most imnspiring thing we can do and breaks the cycle of low Self Esteem which may be at the heart of procrastinating.



progress not Perfection 

Morning Phone Bridge Promises for Recovery in Procrastinators Anonymous

These are available to whomever may find them useful  

Procrastinators Anonymous Promises of Recovery-Morning Phone Bridge Version

Procrastinators Anonymous Promises for Recovery Phone Bridge Version

Procrastinators Anonymous

Promises for Recovery

Secular 12-steps and co-sponsor/buddy

Hi. I'm new both to PA and to 12-step programs generally and, though I really feel like the community here is a fabulous find for me, I'm realizing that there are two things that are missing for me.  Perhaps I'm not the only one.

Step 1

I have been working the steps from the workbook someone in PA shared.

It is really amazing. The more I learn of this issue, the deeper it gets. I am wondring if my core issue is "avoidance" and procrastination is a symptom. I looked up procrastination and it was defined as "postpone", which I tend to do. However "avoidance" is escape. I avoid more than postone. I really convince myself I will take care of things later, but I think I do that as a lie to really avoid.

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