Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Special Projects and Master Lists

This forum is for checking in on the progress of large, multi-day projects like a thesis or catching up on tax returns. It's also a good place for master to-do lists, gratitute lists, New Year's resolutions, and other non-daily items.

T-LA Daily Master Schedule

Good day all -- 

Workout routine [2 hours - 2 1/2 hours]:

[ ] Get ready for workout: make coffee, make smoothie, pack lunch for day, workout clothes, pack car - 15 to 30 minutes 

[ ] Meet trainer and workout partner Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday - 2 hours incl driving. Work on showering and changing there

To a decent next 6 months _Sophia

Since it has helped me the last time, i want to work with a thread here again. It will be until the start of next semester, NOW until ~September. I will put my main focus on mastering Uni again, because this causes me a lot of distress, but also add in some of the other “big projects” to have an overview. And maybe those nasty small things in life, that taken together are quite big.. I ll see. I ll just go with it where it takes me.

Decent end to this semester _Sophia

okay, since i screwed up on even starting this semesters biggest task, I want to bring the other courses to a decent end.

So here s my plan.

I can do this!

Hooch's accursed project ll

I started a project.... in 2010... I have never finished writing up the project :-(

But it is not too late right? Especially with all this working at home time :-/


The goal - 4 pomos a day. Today I will tackle some of the Background section


The state of play:


there is something here, but needs improvement


lots of notes, no paragraphs


mostly done


some done, needs more analysis






Q master list

This is the list for my project to sort out all my Q paperwork/emails/meetings/tasks.

[x] clear emails in my inbox

[x] set up notions for task list - doesn't work, reverted to ThinkingRock

[x] set up area meeting

  • draft agenda
  • ring Ted
  • email agenda and ask for decision on Zoom

[x] emails re book of members

[ ] go through email lists and transfer to TRock

  • action
  • BLM
  • @waiting for
  • reading list

[ ] go through past meeting list

[ ] go through Q email folder by section

Hypatia's accounts


to file all the 2019 paperwork and send to the independent examiner


[x] find all the paperwork

[x] set up binder to file it in

[x] for each pile of papers

...[x] sort papers into filing sections

...[x] sort papers into date order

...[x] file papers

[x] print spreadsheet

[x] check receipts against spreadsheet

[x] check payments against spreadsheet

[x] check uncleared cheques

[x] file utility bills separately

[x] write cleared dates on cheque stubs

ZenDancer's picture

Lucas' weekly goals journal

Hi there PA friends!

I'm new to the forum, having just found you guys, but feeling very positive and sooo happy to have met a few of you on Zoom. Some of the areas where I procrastinate are daily tasks, like exercise and meditation, but others are more long-term things where I need to keep myself accountable on a weekly basis. As a starting point, I'm making a list here of the things I want to progress on (but which which I've been procrastinating on for literally years...

Weekly goals

Lucas' progress journal

Hi there PA friends!

So there are  four areas where I want to change my pattern and make real progress in the rest of this year. I figure keeping a journal here should help me stay accountable... 

Grieving a person I used to know....

Hello again all - I've decided to repost this from the daily forums to create a new special project for myself in order to try and reach a specific aim. I will be adding in the future as things become clearer. The last month or so has been hard as poor internet so I've been a lax attender whereas I did find some value in being reasonably regular here.  So here goes - -


Monday 17th February - midnight

Grieving ideals, not yet distraught... 

21 days of working hard towards a project that I very much want to suceed.

I have a project due, much of it is already done. Previously I wouldn't have started at this point and I feel grateful that this time has been different (thanks to PA and my own work to change this pattern of procrstionation). 

In the chatbox I summerised the barriers;

Declutter & Fitness Challenge



STARTED  yesterday.  did today so that makes two day




31 ?

TOTAL: 21 OF 24 



7 / 




21 22 

AS OF 21ST 14 of 21 

22 24-28

FEB:  22 OF 28 




3 -6


Katia's *7* day Planner Challenge

Ok so I bought this planner. And in order to get my money's worth, I better use it! PA is wonderful, but sometimes I need to be able to look at the week and whatnot.

Right now I am starting out with 7 days, but I will try and increase it as things go.

The rules:
1. I need to write something in my planner for each day. Even if it is DO NOTHING! lol. It doesn't even matter if I actually do the things written, just that something WAS written.
2. Even if I write things out a few days in advance, I need to check it each day to actually follow what was written.

Agnus' total to-do list

Home management:

Essay Do It Now

1. Read what I have       1/2 hour

2.  Decide on additional reading if any  15 minutes

3.  Collate writing to date   15 minutes

4.  find more books 15 mins

5 read them and take notes 2 hours  DONE

6 write it 1 hour

7 edit 2 hours

8. write a note   <15mins 

9 get address  <15 mins

10 stamp it   < 15 mins

11 mail it    < 15 mins

Total 7 hours

work as fast as you can  1-6 222

A new approach for dealing with fears/avoidance: turning them into Questions

Hi, I'm popping in again to share an approach that my Higher Power gave me to deal with my fears once and for all.

FEAR (Face Everything and Recover). For example, my ongoing fears about getting a new job, since my current one is not adequate for my needs.

I'm finally aware that facing everything will actually dispel these fears. But I have to do it in a way that I can handle, breaking it down. 

So, this approach is as follows: 

Rexroth Special Project Writing Travelling Trekking


For the last few weeks I have not been very well with respiratory infections following a cold. I have felt frustrated and have not got on with very much. Also I’ve been worried first about old tax problems and then about buying a flat. Both of these are now handed over and appropriate professionals are dealing with them. By particular dates I shall need to ask them how they are getting on. For the moment I need to forget about them.

It is a Big World. Why not try these things?

My friend just drove a car around the world. So there's that.

If I live according to my stated philosophy of looking at options and choosing to go toward what I might regret the least, I might take advantage of an opportunity that seems to be before me. I might go toward getting my Masters in Datascience. Hah! 

Help: graduate writing

Hi guys, I am back b/c I am so desperate! I've not written any new content for a particular paper for several weeks and cannot stand living like this anymore. 

Yet, even when I come to the library and sit down to look at it, even putting my fingers on the keyboard, I can't seem to make enough sense of the words I've written to have it in a proper order on the page.

I know there are those here who have accomplished incredible feats of bravery in facing writing and other tasks - help :( I don't know what else to say!

Conquering Car Maintenance Avoidance: An Ongoing Tale

Hi PA friends,

I'm starting this thread to journal my experience with severe avoidance/procrastination of maintaining my car. 

This is a problem I've had my entire adult life, and it never goes away, never gets better, only seems to get worse with age (of both me and my car). 

I want to chronicle what I'm going through and why, and if you share the same type of avoidance for something that seems overly scary, feel free to post here too. 


The situation: 

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