Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

"Procrastination" by Burka and Yuen

I really enjoyed this book. I felt the authors really understood what this problem was about, and some of their descriptions were hilarious.

I can't say, however, that it did anything to change my procrastination - it didn't. I just enjoyed it. But maybe the problem was me - maybe I wasn't ready to change when I read it. Maybe I'll take another look at it.

Chapter one hits home

I'd like to add a comment here for each chapter I finish reading and make note of the things that really hit home with me.

"frustrated & angry with themselves because their procrastinating ... has prevented them from doing all they think they are capable of" - even though I may appear to someone else to have everything together, I know I'm capable of more, and that it's my procrastination that's keeping me from accomplishing that.

Cycle of procrastination - I can see this so clearly in the way I deal with things. For me it takes place with things like cleaning, gardening, packing for holidays, grocery shopping, preparing for company, exercising - mostly the activities that make up the daily grind of life.

Procrastinator's code - unrealistic assumptions that perpetuate delaying. Two jumped out at me immediately: everything I do should go easily and without effort, there's a right answer and I'll wait till I find it.

"Self-critical, catastrophic and apprehensive thoughts can make it impossible to move beyond the inevitable obstacles of daily living." Yep, that's me, bogged down in stinkin' thinkin'.

I sure saw myself in Chapter One

I am currently just past Chapter One of Burka and Yuen's book on Procrastination, just as jj was when she wrote the post above.

It was obvious enough for some time that I had a procrastination problem, as I remind myself every time I look at my first post from when I joined this site almost 3 years ago:

I bought this book and a few others on Procrastination and related issues and as usual, put them aside as if just owning them was doing any real good. 

Meanwhile, I continued to muddle along while the consequences of procrastination continued to pile up around me.

When I finally did pick up this book and read the first chapter it was a revelation. I was willing to admit to being a procrastinator before, but suddenly I realized how ingrained it had become to how I approached everything. It wasn't even just my habit of meeting deadlines at the last minute. It was a fundamental cycle that permeated the way I handled my life.

I still have not proceeded much further, perhaps partly avoidance of facing more hard truth but also from focusing my energies on trying to struggle with the consequences of my procrastination and the toll it has taken. I have to remind myself, though, that struggles are better fought properly armed which means I have to finish the book!

At this point, though, I want to highlight that first Chapter for what it's already done to help me face my problem. If you have any doubts as to whether you are a chronic procrastinator or to what extent, get ahold of Burka and Yuen and read Chapter One. If you see yourself (and it is a matter of degree, as the authors explain) you will have a much better idea of where you currently stand. Trust me, it will become much harder to remain in denial.

"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of."
Benjamin Franklin

I have an extensive library

I have an extensive library on self-help/procrastination books and I had promised myself I wouldn't buy another one.  Usually the reason why we procrastinate takes up the greatest part of the books, and at the end there is some advice on how to overcome the problem which, in my case, has never been very helpful.

I know very well why  I procrastinate, o.k. the books helped me to understand the problem a little better, actually I now could problably write a procrastination book myself on the underlying causes.

However, after readying here your enthusiastic comments I decided to get this book.  Amazon have just informed me that they have shipped it but it will arrive only in January.  It would be nice to have a discussion on it then either in the forum or in the chatbox.

Merry Xmas to you all



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If you can't move the mountain, move a few stones.


I've ordered this book.  It was advised by someone I know who has made progress in improving their procrastination.


If it helps, great! Perhaps

If it helps, great! Perhaps it's a very individual thing.

I went through a lot of books before I found this site--it, check-ins and the 12 steps are the first things to have helped me to put change into practice. Mostly now I don't feel the same need I used to to ask: where does p. come from. I need to ask: what's the next thing to do, find the courage to do it.

sounds like recovery, chickadee!

> Mostly now I don't feel the same need I used to to ask: where does p. come from. I need to ask: what's the next thing to do, find the courage to do it.

This is great! It really does sound like recovery. :)

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Thanks to this site, for

Thanks to this site, for the first time, I am coping way better day to day at some little things. And they add up to a better routine and more peace of mind. BUt I've a long way to go.


The big confession is the important scary backlog projects where I need to start moving, at least gather the materials and blow off the dust, face the angry editors, start keeping my word. The longer things are overdue, the harder it is screen out the guilt and get to work.