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Breakdown Forum

I thought I would create a place to post breakdowns 

reading immigration forms

13 total pages on a 15/10, starting with form 110 and take notes

make a textedit doc for notes DONE

read form 100 DONE

read form 410 DONE

discuss with native speaker DONE

email lawyer DONE

look at degrees DONE

search for transcripts DONE

draft document request #1

search for email contact #1

document request #2

search for email contact #2

document request #3

search for email contact #3

print both forms

print beweis

fill out form 

prepare envelope

print stamps

mail letter

bike ride + trash +recyc

1) open doc DONE

2) put on all the layers except shoes and gloves DONE

3) get house keys, frame lock key, and trash key DONE

4) prep trash DONE

5) take out trash and recycling DONE

6) ride DONE

pension research

1) read the page that's open and try to identify as many variables as possible. DONE

(fees? upfront taxes? backend taxes? deductibility? flexibility of premium? where the money goes if i leave? cancellation terms? interest return?)

2) start a document organizing all those variables in a sensible way DONE

3) try to figure out which schemes/plans will work for me (look on forum, look on ksk site, google the schemes you already know about) and get an idea of monthly extra. DONE

4) draft email to broker detailing: DONE

ALB requirement

current SS

expected DRV with caveats about increased earnings next decade

how this interacts with income protection costs 

tell him best guess of premium and ask if in ballpark or could it be worse? 

story of what lawyer said about a draft, when our meeting is, and that i'd like to show up to that meeting prepared. 

request skype chat if its easier 


grocery trip

0) teeth

1) pants

2) hoodie

3) socks

4) take backpack with plastic bags, mask, wallet, phone, keys

5) put on shoes, coat, scarf, hat

dream section

1) read B sections and take notes DONE

2) read about E and take notes DONE

3) read about NB and take notes DONE

4) read about L and take notes DONE

5) read about CJ and take notes CANCELED

6) write the graf DONE

Outlining WCN section

1) get scratch paper and a pen(cil) DONE

2) pull up two exemplar papers DONE

3) outline paper so you can see the whole structure visually DONE


GR paper next steps

1) finish going through notes on 2 exemplar papers DONE

2) read outline so far DONE 

3) finish outlining paper DONE

4) either choose revisions to make or finish email to RH (needs further breakdown when time comes) DONE

restore routines

routines to restore:

practice - could happen today., plan to practice tomorrow 10am DONE

exercise - probs won't happen today. online ballet tomorrow DONE

vitamins- today DONE 

writing- could happen today. maybe try to do an hour on GR paper. DONE

cooking/food planning- aim to eat ok today and plan tomorrow's food IN PROGRESS

hydration- should happen today IN PROGRESS 

supplemental cleaning- friday? weekend? 

daily italian writing- tonight before bed DONE

aim for early bedtime tonight DONE

emails to AG

1. Find the secure and non-secure email addresses. DONE

2. Categorize the documents into accountant, essential, supplemental, and in my back pocket only. DONE

3. Draft 3 emails to send to the secure account.  (see below) DONE

4. Send them DONE

5. Send a 4th email to the nonsecure account with a version of body of the first email for the secure account. DONE


I. Accountant Stuff 

-explain there are 3 emails coming

-the point of this one is to confirm that i do not need to ask my accountant for any additional documents. 

-would like to schedule an appointment.


II. Essential Appointment Stuff

-list the documents, attach them, send

-end with Please let me know when can schedule an appointment. 


III. Supplemental Appointment Stuff

-list the documents, attach them, send 

-end with Please let me know when can schedule an appointment. 


visa docs wed

first: rechnungen (include nachweisen or not?) DONE 

then: bank statements DONE

then: email to AG DONE

(open with just wanting to confirm I do not need to ask my accountant for any updated documents. close with asking for final prep appointment.)  

visa documents

1) evidence of 2021 income DONE

     1a) letters and contracts (LS, CL, DB, SM, Sty (2 contracts, 2-3 letters)) DONE

     1b) evidence of organizations (websites, promo materials)

           get piles out of closet DONE

           SYMEC DONE

           Sty DONE

           LS DONE

           CL DONE

           DB DONE

           SNM (website) DONE

     1c) sym support docs DONE 

2) rechnungen and supporting docs (brochures etc.) -- see income record 2019 and 2020 DONE

3) health insurance docs DONE 

    3a) KSK acceptance DONE

    3b) KSK 2021 meldung DONE

    3c) TK acceptance DONE

    3d) HM Dauer letter DONE

4) bank statements

     4a) 3 months DB (2 back) plus screenshot of Dec 1-9 DONE

     4b)-4e) front page DB, BoA, CapOne, TDA (1 or 2) DONE

     4f) update income 2020, make a nachweis for 15 + 7K check and put both in tax folder and copy to NGE folder DONE

5) anmeldung+lease DONE

6) tax documents (2019 bescheid plus 2018/2017 backups, NGE, 2 check photos and 2 deposits, vorauszahlung documentation) DONE 

7) who i am (ID, diplomas, etc.) DONE


SYMEC letter

1) brainstorm list of activities and projects DONE

2) open LS letter to use as template DONE

3) write, sentence by sentence, one-to-one in English DONE

4) translate on deepl DONE

5) either prepare signed versions or send to SYM for signing (2 docs) DONE

6) break down AG email. open with just wanting to confirm I do not need to ask my accountant for any updated documents. close with asking for final prep appointment.  

jvk reply

1) watch the video DONE

2) draft the letter text DONE

3) draft reply text: 

Tday reax DONE

reax to video DONE

note ssheet was not attached DONE

mention letter text below if helpful DONE

profuse thanks DONE

spreadsheet request

1) figure out what i want to show (Jul-Nov) DONE

2) find 2 exemplar docs out of previous docs (ssheet and letter) DONE

3) find previous email request UNNECESSARY

4) draft current email request BASICALLY DONE

5) attach docs and send DONE


1) Structural issues (by dec 5) DONE

2) Finish line editing (by dec 31)

3) Return to author 

4) View webinar while waiting for author feedback, and finish this breakdown (dec 31- jan 7)

5) 2nd round editing (by jan 31)

6) Whatever else needs to happen for the self-publishing (see step 4) (by mar 31) 

Novel Structure Battle Plan

note 4.12- pick up with chapter 46 and figure out what it's doing. 

timeline- 3-4 days

0) open manuscript and create outline doc DONE

1) read the whole manuscript while making an outline DONE

2) review dw suggestions DONE

3) review author aims DONE

4) make structural decisions DONE

5) copy a new doc, implement those decisions

6) return to line editing  

GR revisions

1) read paper as it was submitted DONE

2) read email to R and make notes DONE

3) re-read reviewer #1 comments summary DONE

4) re-read reviewer #2 comments summary DONE 

5) reflect and make notes DONE

6) read reviewer #1 tracked changes and make notes DONE

7) read reviewer #2 tracked changes and make notes DONE

8) read R recommended paper #1 DONE

9) read R recommended paper #2 DONE 

10) draft email to R while simultaneously drafting battle plan from notes (5 docs) and current draft (start with structural issues. how i think it should flow. lit review, mcg context, then rg and GR.) HANDLED 


thomas email

1) look at bill from 2017

2) look at email from august

3) look at text edit docs (2 i think)  

4) try to calculate the estimate

5) write email 

6) send it 


1) look at all the documents (4)

2) print the ones that need printing

3) fill them out

4) fold them

5) put them in bag for mailing later today


going for a bike ride

1) eat and drink some water

2) dress for very cool weather- long undies, hat, scarf, gloves 

3) take 2 sets of keys

4) ride! 


1) open document

2) paste text so far

3) review last email exchange

4) revise text

5) translate 

6) review that last email exchange

7) check text

8) send email #1

9) send email #2 


1) opening arpeggio

2) rhythm of subsequent mini-phrase 

3) connection to next mini-phrase without high attack

4) connection to next mini-phrase without high attack (matching the last one)

5) sequence of 16th groupings

6) rhythmic connection from climactic mini phrase to groupings

7) getting out of groupings (notes and rhythm)

8) final mini-phrase into final trill 

9) breath before trill or not? 

10) total rhythmic structure 


stefan/mark/thomas email

1) confirm times (read email from stefan, email *to thomas) 

2) draft an email to everyone with relevant details: day, start time, end time, tuned piano (which one?) 

3) make it clear haven't heard from thomas


call thomas before sending a confirmation email.  

breakdown for a call:

1) step 1 of the other breakdown

2) look at the last bill i paid 

3) write down all of the issues that need to get resolved (full quote)

4) make the call 

EK reply

different parts: 1) anecdote, 2) october, 3) general warmth 

immigration thinking

send out requests for letters to CL, LS, and DB. 

1) find previous letters

2) maybe suggest or just make adjustments for drafts

3) email CL with all docs and request 

4) whatsapp LS

5) call DB 


lawyer email 

send news about health insurance plus NGE.


-do they need to see my beiträge? match the NGE, not adjusted for extra mentioned in letters because that's what consultant advised.

-i could send all my stuff in as early as next monday. a) is there any reason *not to do that, i.e. could it hurt me? b) if not, can we have a meeting finalizing the documents that i should send them? 

-when will my NGE be out of date? (it was twice as expensive as it was in 2017-- i didn't realize the fee would track with my income like the fee for my tax declaration does-- so having to pay for another one would really hurt)

-maybe put the list of possible documents 



second round edits


text to accompany figure 7 drafted

created and formatted figure 7


GR 1st graf

not enough time 


video stuff

virtual stuff 

adjusted fig 6B 

finalized figure 7 and both captions

fixed the text 

submission to accountant

1) open monthy accounting protocol DONE

2) excerpt the applicable sections DONE

3) start another breakdown DONE

titles and captions

1) figure out if there are word limits on section or figure titles DONE

2) camera icon DONE 

3) Figure 4 title and caption (read section of paper first) DONE

4) Figure 5 title and caption(read section of paper first) DONE

5) Figure 6 title and caption (read section of paper first) DONE

figure 6B

1) look at the chapter and jot down subjects according to section DONE

2) organize subjects into groups of 3-4 per day DONE

3) come up with 2-3 activities per day. adequate variety but not too much DONE

4) decide on a duration for each day DONE

5) Fill in the figure DONE

6) make a caption MOVED TO NEXT BREAKDOWN

7) figure out if there are word limits on figure titles or section titles MOVED

8) make a breakdown for finalizing figure titles and captions DONE


1) go through existing text highlighting major points i want to make DONE

2) make a decision about m cycle  stuff DONE

3) figure out what the take homes are DONE

4) title the section DONE

feedback section

1) transfer new names and dates to document DONE

2) attach names/dates to feedback DONE

3) fix sentence describing part 1 DONE

3b) fix footnote DONE

4) extract chunks and file them with name and date under headings DONE

5) see if it works and if it does fix the section headings DONE 

6) if it doesn't work make another breakdown NA

feedback section

0) open the new document DONE

1) read the slide and make some notes DONE

2) read the new document and make some notes DONE

3) make some decisions about what to use DONE

4) make a new breakdown DONE


1) explain why first feedback is anonymous in a footnote DONE

2) present first feedback in total DONE

3) elucidate each point and add supporting feedback to each point FIRST PART DONE SECOND PART DOESN'T WORK

4) see if that works and if not make a breakdown for re-organizing the section DONE


1) add feedback in order of impact and add one sentence showing what it demonstrates. 

so that's 7 possible chunks of feedback, which is 14 steps in the breakdown. 

no 15 steps. the first step is to order the feedback

GR 25 jul

1) figures vs. tables DONE

2) map out maximum number of figures/tables/appendices, and figure out where they should go in the paper DONE 

3) look at APA formatting for refs/figures/tables DONE

practice notes

1) summary of changes

2)-4) day by day entrie

5) planning through end sep/oct

publisher email

1) greeting sentence (pandemic- family, business; thanks for all)

2) why i'm writing and a summary of what I need

3) more details about each thing I need 

4) warm and fuzzy closing greetings