Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Procrastinators Anonymous has enable me to file my Taxes.


I cant say enough about how much procrastinators anonmyous has helped me.
But I can point to 1 specific case.
Filing taxes, has been one of the bane of my existence, avoiding it, and than filing at the last second, and praying i dont get a fine.
Every year its the same deal, i forget how to do it, and the cycle repeats.
This time for the first time, i will file before the final deadline, with significantly less stress, and i have filed all the documents together, so next year i know how to file taxes properly.
Theres no need to panic.
I can just open the folder, with some fear, review the tax filing procedures, get the documentation, even before the time the tax offices open to file, and get everything together, so the first day they open, i am ready to file.

It seems so trivial, but PA, not just the website but the weekly wensday meetings have enabled me to,  take a new look at life.

I used to just say i am a victim, poor me, and my life never improved.
But in the PA meetings, part of the creed and ethos, is that no one can solve anyone elses problems, we can only suggest what works for us.
There are peopole in the group, i really like and want to solve their problems.
But this creed reminds me, it doesnt matter how much i want to help.
Only we can help ourselves.
It changed my way of thinking.
Maybe i am a victim, but only i can help myself.
Only I can file my taxes, get the paperwork together, study, not procrastinate.
When i realised that, my life started to improve.
So thank you so much, Procrastinators Anonymous, and the person who created this site.
It has literally changed my life.

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Right on Shmuel :)

That is amazing. Good job.  I need to do mine too. : )

Congratulations Schmuel!

As one who returns my tax forms spectactularly late, and currently has a serious backlog, I really do feel like celebrating on your behalf - I know how hard it is!


well done!!

That's great, Shmuel!! 


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Congrats Shmuel!