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I found my mobile phone guarantee!

I have a major problem with filing - my study has piles and boxes of unfiled paper.  My mobile phone needs to be sent to Samsung for repair, and I've been putting off searching for the receipt and guarantee for the last 3 weeks.  Even worse,it's been on my check-in list for the last 5 days.

I bit the bullet this morning and have done some major sorting out of piles of papers into "to do", "filing" and "rubbish" (I think I'm about 1/3 through the piles and it's now late afternoon, though I have been shopping as well).  I have just located the receipt and guarantee, which were dated July 2019, hiding in a large pile.  I can now get my phone repaired free of charge!

I might even be motivated enough to finish going through the piles.


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Great Job!

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Can relate to the piles of unfiled papers ... yay for being 1/3 through piles, that's big!