Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

I made it on time for the First Time because of PA

I almost made it almost on time yesterday.
I was only 5 min late to the Bday party yesteday

it feels like a first,and it was greatly to the chatbox check-in feature of the PA website.

because it enabled me to plan ahead, when i neee to leave to make it on time

when i need to pack and get dressed, and leave

:and while things didnt go to plan

i  was late 5 min not 1 hour which is normal for me.

 I also finally had the answer why am i 1 hour late, and only leaving when the party start s and i need to be there

replace this deadline with any other, and it starts to make sense why im late

but this chatbox enabled me to plan when  i need to be there, when i need to leave, when i need to be dressed, and ready to leave.

Even though i planned to leave at 19:00 to be there at 20:00 for a 30 min drive and walk, and i planeed to get dressed at 18:00.

and in reality , i didnt get dressed till 19:00
and left at 19:30.
  so i was there at 20:05 not 20:00.

It meant alarm bells were going off in my head at 18:00, and i was finishing things up rather than idly noodling around

so at 19:00 when i was way oversschedule, i knew it, and played catch up, and could get out

even when plans went south and unexpected plan derailed everythng

as unexpected things often happen with plans

which deviates greatly from the old way of doing things of panicking

and than only starting to act when im late and need to leave already

with a heap of guilt on top of everything else

the chatbox also enabled me to when i was panicking, as i was panicking to set specific goals, even 30 second or 5 minute goals that were simple, so i was doing, and that kept the panic at bay and me moving forward.

So i guess i just wanted to say thank you to pro, and everyone  here at the Procrastinators Anonymous community, knowing i have a place where i can be honest, and am suppoprted, is having real and postiive tangible benefits in my life, even if we have never met face to face.


That's a real achievement -

That's a real achievement - well done!  People who aren't procrastinators don't understand that we can struggle with getting even small steps done that sound so easy when you say them. 

Yay Shmuel!

I can relate. It's sobering and hard for me to admit how long things can really take, like getting ready, etc. Time is a crazy thing. But it's better to at least be honest with it, even if I may not like the reality sometimes :)

Thanks for sharing.

Aww Thank You

Aww Thank You :)