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The church accounts are done and submitted

I rejoined the website 9 days ago, with the imminent challenge of data entry and writing up a long overdue set of accounts.  I'm delighted to say last year's spreadsheet is now completely up-to-date and the 2019 balance sheet has been submitted to the area treasurer.

My only worry is that last year's temporary area treasurer wanted them done as income and accruals instead of receipts and payments whcih we did them previously.  She majorly rewrote my first attempt at accounts last year.  This year I couldn't even figure out how to reproduce what she did!  So they've been submitted to the new area treasurer the way we've always done them before - and fingers crossed he'll be happy with them!

There's still some work to be done to prepare for the independent examination, but that's for another day.

Thank you pro for this great website and forums, and to everyone else out there for your moral support.


It brings tears to my eyes to see how much good website brought

It brings tears to my eyes to see how much good this website brought.
It has enabled you Hypathia to finish the Financial accounts for the church.
It has literally helped an entire church!!
Any where from i assume 10-1,000 peopole.
It reminds me of an old adage by the buddha.
Be the change you want to see in the world.
And by setting up this website, and its postive accepting atmosphere, just here lets say 1,000 peopole have been helped( i picked a number to make it clear).
So im seeing positive change in the world as it is happening, and it makes my heart swell with pride.


That's a lovely post Shmuel,

That's a lovely post Shmuel, thank you.

We're a little Quaker meeting (about 18 on a Sunday), and I've only taken the job of treasurer on because no-one else wanted to do it.  As  you can imagine, as a long-stnding procrastinator, keeping accounts is not one of the things i do very well.  I keep promising myself I'll keep the records up-to-date every month, and it doens't happen.  Maybe with the help of P.A. I'll be able to do so.

Shmuel love

Thank you! This is exactly right! Thank you to Pro and to all of the PA's in here who pick each other up and dust each other off and share their truths! We make a difference!

woo-hoo! congratulations! 

woo-hoo! congratulations! 

Thank you

Thank youlaughing