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Thesis Passed by Examiners

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to leave a short message of thank you to all my  fellow members who have helped me throughout the last year, as well as tell any new members that there is hope at the end of this seemingly dark and desolate place we find ourselves stuck in. 

I started posting on this forum on August 11 2012. At that time, I was in a terrible state, overwhelmed with anxiety and guilt and seemingly immobilised. I have since then completed a fair chunk of the oustanding work of my 100,000 word PhD thesis. I completed my thesis a few months ago and I have received my results and I have been awarded with a pass with positive comments from my examiners. 

Now, all I need to is appear for my graduation ceremony. 

By no means have I cured myself of the affliction of procrastionation. But I have discovered that is manageable and I have discovered and implemented several tools which has helped me along the way.

I just wanted to say don't give up hope and do things 10minutes at a time. After all, all we can do in writing a thesis or digging a trench or moving a mountain, is to work 10minutes at a time on one single thing.

I wish each one of you all possible success, wisdom and clear insight into the nature of mind and things.

With love,

(Passed) Thesis 



Yes!!!  Awsome!!! Happy for you. Vic

Thanks vic, ms, unstuck-ing,

Thanks vic, ms, unstuck-ing, knitfisher, findingaway, wrkingprogress,hazyjane, mole, jalla, hypatia, mollie2007 :)

congratulations thesis!

So happy for you. Thanks for posting this and sharing your sucess with us. 

 ms. x 


Completion. Tick.


I've been reading your posts since 2012 and gained a lot from your walk - what a relief - enjoy it!!

Congratulations thesis

So proud. Please take time to reflect on your humongous achievement. None of us may be rid of procras entirely, but you have shown it can be made to toe the line.

Congratulations to thesis!!

So glad to hear you have passed, and that all your hard work in overcoming obstacles has come to fruition.

You have been an inspiration, and also a great support to me in the chat box - I hope to still see you there sometimes!


Dear thesis,

I wonder how you feel after this experience. Were  all those horrible, sickening, unmeetable deadlines useful in the end, or a hindrance? I ask this, as my last completed big project was a PhD thesis with those associated deadline horrors, and I am now working on a similarly large project for which I can define the parameters - and I am doing it on the premise that if I commit a certain amount of time to it each day, eventually it will have to reach completion - and although I have managed to stick to this for a couple of years now, it is a premise I am in continuous self-doubt about- does the shape of thing need the checks and balances of external forces?.....Does is gain muscle this way?


Hi Mole- and Thank you!

Dear Mole,

Apologies for the VERY late reply. I just saw this message. I hope I understand your question right and from what I understand, you are talking about self imposed deadlines?

 That's a good question. In retrospect, I think deadlines would still be useful, but not the exasperation we bring to the table that comes along with not meeting one. i think realistic deadlines would give us a road map of where we are going and also an affirmation that it can be done and that there is a plan. I think once the deadlines are made, it would have best served me to put it aside and then work incrementally daily without fretting and worrying about the deadline.

So yes, I think deadlines would be useful for the bigger picture, but once we get the bigger picture, we need to live in the present without the deadlines dragging us down. I know this is all well and good to say, and its much harder in practice, but that's what we are all striving towards, making ideas into concrete things (of joy hopefully), 

P.S. Thank you to everyone else who posted on this thread. You have all been very kind.

Bravo Thesis

When one of us overcomes this condition that we do not understand, it gives all of us hope . Thank you for sharing your esh. congratulations!!




Hooray and thank you!


Thanks for sharing your success with us!

well done!!!!!

That's brilliant news, I'm really delighted for you and for all of us here who get to witness your success :).


It's an inside job...

Well Done Thesis

I am sooooo pleased for you, thesis.   Really I feel as if procrastinators should be granted an extra special award when we achieve something like this - for all that extra Angstnand sweat we put into our endeavours.  

 I do hope youngest time to rest on those lovely laurels.

Dr Mole 


Well done - Congrats on your fantastic news!!!


way to go, Thesis!

fantastic news, Thesis - congratulations!

I have been impressed with the way you have stuck at your studies since you joined us.  You deserve to celebrate



Congratulations, thesis!

That is so wonderful and inspiring and awesome! I really appreciate that you told us your great news! Hoooraaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!