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Diploma in computing

Most of my life appears to be totally out of control, but I'm pleased to announce that I have achived my Diploma in Computing.  Ive got three more modules and a project to do to get my degree.

 The two modules I did this year I got a distinction in one, and missed the distinction by 4% in the other.  Considering that during the latter course my husband passed away, and I got severe depression, I am delighted to have something I can be proud of.


Having just found this old

Having just found this old post of mine, I can't resist posting an update.  In 2014 at the ripe old age of 60 years, I finally achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Computing with first class honours.

Pro, you can feel proud of contriubting to that achievement


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Way to go!

I often wonder if I'll ever go back to finish my BA in "Computer Based Information systems." Part of me feels like it's too late for me. When I started 35 years ago, I was learning COBOL and Fortran (don't remember any of it now). And I'm sure what's being taught today is far removed from these antiquated systems.

Anyway, it's wonderful that you accomplished this! You should be very proud!

Those are wonderful old

Those are wonderful old names!  I learnt a little ALGOL and BASIC as a medical student 40 odd years ago.  My degree used Java as the language of choice, and was heavily into object-oriented programming.

I believe it's never too late to learn something new, and now I'm retired it's rather nice to be learning stuff because I want to, not because i have to.

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right on Hypatia :)

congrats on the achievement! 

It's wonderful to read of

It's wonderful to read of things like this--thank you!

(I am a degree-less 61-year-old with chronic depression. I am not currently pursuing a degree, but I have some other fairly long-term goals I want to achieve. You strengthen my hope that I can!)

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solidarity wrkinprogrss, I am

solidarity wrkinprogrss, I am also degree-less, though not sure if pursuing one makes sense for me at this point. Can relate to being degree-less and with chronic depression ... but both are no reason to give up hope!  I know that happiness is achievable at any age and any condition of life, and have experienced this, although I do also struggle often.

Best of luck on your long-term goals as well as overall happiness. :) _/\_

Thank you.  I think the

Thank you.  I think the biggest lesson i learnt was not the computing, but the thought "do what you can, and not what you can't".

Amazing. Thank you for the

Amazing. Thank you for the inspiration.


Huge congratulations and well done to you!! Smile

Well done Hypatia

That is great news about your Diploma! Well done for struggling on thro these terrible circumstances.




Brilliant news! :grin:

Thank you so much for your support

Thank you all for your lovely comments.  I've really appreciated the support on this forum as I've battled my way through this year.  Please count this success as part of your successes too.



Congrats Hypatia!! It's inspiring to hear of your success, won in spite of major setbacks. Hats off to you!

Congrats to Hypatia

Truly Wonderful, Hypatia!

When I read your post I got a little misty-eyed. I'm very sorry for the loss of your husband. A great way not only to end this year, but to ring in the new one as well. You are laying the groundwork for better things to come. Congratulations on all your hard work & perseverance! The perseverance part being particularly difficult for a procrastinator even under ideal circumstances. I know it will all pay off. God bless you dear.

If not now, when?

Well done Hypatia

What a wonderful way to end the year, Hypatia. Well done.

Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

Congrats on reaching your goal!! And under such circumstances! Very impressive and very inspirational!! Smile



That is quite an achievement, and even more remarkable given the very difficult circumstances.

Congratulations Hypatia! You

Congratulations Hypatia! You are a total inspiration! It is not the people who achieve things easy who are heroes, it is those who fight and claw against all odds and still come out victorious and hopeful at the end, with scars to show for it. Allow yourself a good pat on your back and a nice little reward!

congratulations Hypatia

What great news on getting your diploma!  Here's to less P and more Anticrastination!


Congrats Hypatia!



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