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Hypatia's reports project is complete

5 months after starting I have finally dictated the last of the backlog of 100+ reports

When I started I had severe depression following my husband's death, and my manager had massively reduced my workload so I could concentrate on reports and meetings.  To start with it would take me several hours to do a report that would normally take about an hour.  After two months I was back to a full workload and was beginning to enjoy my work again.

What has helped

  • being set a realistic time scale by my manager (target was 1 Oct 2012)
  • being given permission to prioritise this part of my work
  • reading other people's experiences on this website
  • dividing difficult reports into small sections that would only take 10 mins so i got a sense of achievement without being overwhelmed
  • using the chatbox - it's amazing how being with others who are working in the same way and understand the problem stimulated me to keep going instead of giving up

Thank you all so much for your help.

I'll be back with more projects, but this was the biggie as that backlog had started way back in June 2011.



Yay, Hypatia!

I am truly inspired by your remarkable achievement. Thank you so much for sharing what worked for you!

Well done!

I'm so pleased for you - you've done really well to beat a serious bereavement and depression.

Thank you for inspiring us all!

only just read this...

...brillant, inspiring news! Congratulations!


Thanks for your support

many thanks for your support - meeting PA'ers on here has been an absolute godsend


what an inspiration!

We're not perfect but your story is a real inspiration!  So once I get my head above water I'll look at identifying and tackling a big project. I've plenty to chose from Cry... my unbearable compulsive hoarding, my finance\ taxes\ underearning, updating my bigger life plan\ mission statement, working the 12-steps etc etc.

With best wishes.


Time to celebrate!


this makes me happy to read, you did great! I'm very impressed. Such an achievement should be celebrated, don't hold back ;)

This site is wonderful, you can read other peoples struggles and in between those, you find the smaller and bigger achievements. Those make me keep going at it! Thanks for sharing. 

Many Congrats Hypatia!

Wow, well done! So inspiring to hear your story. Realistic external & internal deadlines, common sense, plus the right support, can really help us all.

Keep up the good work!!  


Congratulations, Hypatia!

Congratulations, Hypatia!  SO MUCH YAY! \Laughing/

And thanks very much for posting about what worked for you. I haven't been doing well, lately, at dealing with/through my own depression. This may help!

I am so pleased for you,

I am so pleased for you, Hypatia! I'm getting a sense of scale here that frankly leaves me impressed with your achievement. So glad you're all caught up now, and also glad for you that you had a manager who was prepared to be realistic about the time in which you could get this done. Hurrah! Cool


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