Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Completed tunic

For the past month, I have procrastinated on completing the tunic I started. The front and back didn't match up, the pattern didn't fit once I'd cut it out and sewed it together, and I sewed the sleeves in wrong - Too much of a bother! So, I slept on the couch for 30 days stewing because everything was laying on my bed, and I didn't even want to touch it.

I've been using PA for two days. This evening, I finished my tunic by using the Chatbox, and working in 10 min. bursts. I even managed to sew a sleeve in wrong again. I came close to freezing, but I stuck it out, and now I have a new piece of clothing hanging in my closet, and I can proudly say, "I did it myself!" :)

Well done!

What an achievement! I am in the same position with a hat - and the time for wearing it is this weekend. So inspired by your efforts, I'm going to try and finish that tonight.


Thanks for sharing the success story, it makes us all feel better. 

finished tunic - congratulations

I can so relate to that.  i have a number of UFOs (Unfinished objects) hanging around, especially where I've gone wrong.

Enjoy a good nights sleep in your own bed tonnight!


that brilliant

i can so identify with this, leaving things out because you want to finish them. i hope you have allowed yourself to sleep in your bed now? maybe wash all the bedclothes as a 'reward' and accomplishment feeling.there's nothing like clean sheets. very well done!



Congratulations, finishing something always feels like a huge accomplishment and now you even have something to show for it all the time in your closet or even on you when you wear it! Well done and keep on going!