Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

This is Really Working

So, all this week I've been posting a daily check-in to do list. I've always been defeated by to-do lists. I start out with great enthusiasm then give up really easily. But here they've been incredibly motivating. Today I think I've got more done than I can ever remember doing in one day. Including lots of annoying, fiddly admin things that I'd usually put off until I got to the end of the day to find that  I've only done 2 out of 20 of them. Tomorrow I'm going on holiday for a week and instead of the horrible, stressful, guilty, running-away-from-all-the-stuff-I-haven't-finished feeling that usually spoils the beginning of my holidays, I really feel I deserve to go and have got everything I need to do done and have told everyone I need to everything I need to tell them! 

Why does this seem to be working? I think it's the social aspect. One of the things that leads me to procrastinate is a real need  for general approval - so I say yes to things I shouldn't and end up putting them off (with the opposite result to the one I intended - people get cross with me!). That's really ingrained in my personality I think - I'm never going to stop caring what people think. But I can sort of use this trait with the daily check-in. Because once I've put it up there and I think even /one/ person has seen it, I don't like the idea of them thinking badly of me if I haven't crossed most things off! I know it's really silly - I don't actually know anyone on here! But it works, so I'm going to keep at it! 

So, a week now without daily check-ins as I don't tend to procrastinate about nice things to do on holiday! I'll be back in a week and then I think I might join the Sunday Meeting. 

Thanks to pro and everyone who starts off the daily check ins. I really do feel this could change my life. I'm wary saying that as I'm good at new starts, then losing enthusiasm...but the results of this are so good in so many ways that I think I might keep it up this time. 

E.BE xx

Enjoy your holiday, Eleanor!

I'm delighted to hear it's been so helpful for you Eleanor.  Congratulations :-)  I hope you enjoyed your holiday with a clear conscience



...the clear conscience holiday was fantastic, Hypatia - thank you!