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Crossing out on the Daily Check In


I love the daily check in but when I go back into it, I can't cross things off.  I block it off use the ABC crossed out button and it puts a line through it.  However when I post the finished version doesn't have a line thru it so it doesn't look like I have done it.  Could it be because I am using a mac? 



Re: Crossing out on the Daily Check In

I'm on a Mac too, so it's not that.

I think it might have something to do with the formatting options you see below the comment field? where it says "enable rich-text" ... maybe you can click on that and see what happens or the formatting options. I remember when I first started here I wasn't able to use colors, etc. but now I can. I think I might have fiddled with those settings. 

Crossing out

Thanks for that Lavida.  I had a try with the formatting and can do pretty much everything else, just not that one.  Will content myself with smiley faces for the time being!