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1. You will not get access unless you respond to the email you receive saying why you want to join. This is to keep out spammers, and trust me - it is necessary. It takes time and it's a PITA for me, but I must do it because when I didn't, this site was much less pleasant.

2. Please do not nag me to approve your account faster. I provide this site at my own expense, and maintain it on my own time. Usually I approve people the same day, but sometimes it could take a week or two if I'm out of town or ill or extremely busy. Sending me nasty email will not get you quicker access, and may prevent you from getting access at all. Abusing the owner of a site is not how you get access to its resources.

3. Please do not register more than once. That creates more work for me and puts me in a bad mood.

Thank you for your cooperation.

This site was created and is maintained by one anonymous individual - me - going by the name of "pro" (which might be short for PROcrastinator, or perhaps PROactive). The Procrastinators Anonymous fellowship was born with the creation of this site. I started this fellowship and wrote the meeting materials posted here. I programmed this Web site, I keep it clear of spam, and I pay the bills (with the help of those generous few who contribute).

Some people use this site for check-ins without participating in the 12-step fellowship. The daily check-in thread and chatbox are extremely useful tools for anybody. Others participate in the 12-step fellowship, work the steps, have sponsors, and attend the Sunday online meeting. This Web site serves both purposes; both groups can peacefully co-exist. Take what you like and leave the rest.

Some of the 12-steppers here worry about this site having one Webmaster, instead of being managed by a group vote according to the 12 traditions. So I offer this clarification. This is a dual purpose site, and this site belongs to me. This fellowship, however, does not belong to me. I started it, and I offer it up to the world. I support the fellowship by providing meeting materials and a place to meet online. I also will maintain face-to-face meeting lists if people start face-to-face meetings.

If at some point, people committed to the 12-step fellowship of PA prefer to create their own Web site run according to group conscience and the 12 traditions, then they are free to do so. Just give me the URL and I will post it here as the official PA site. But this Web site will remain my Web site, whether or not it remains the official PA Web site. I hope that clarifies things for those worried about 12-step purity.


Thank you for your service!  It is greatly appreciated.

My internet has been out - sorry to waiting members

I've had serious internet connectivity problems for the last several, and it's been very hard for me to let in new members or work on the site. I've been having to connect through my phone just for work, and that is expensive. Time Warner Cable is working with me on the problem now, and hopefully this will become less chronic. I'm very sorry to the people who have had to wait for access.

apologies for loss of comments

Sorry for blowing away the comments to the original "About This Site" post. I had posted it as "story" rather than a "page" (technical difference) which turned out to be a problem as I got ready to add another article to the site. There was no way to change it so I had to delete it and recreate it as a "page".