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Wednesday, 13th of September, 2006

Will add pretty graphic later when not so many people watching me :)

Here 'tis...


Not I- much to 1Focus's dismay probably...:P
I do try to look decent- hair brushed and clothes that match, etc. No going out in my PJ's or anything. Sometimes I manage to get the dark circles under my eyes concealed a little... Besides I just make my girls look pretty and everyone notices them rather than me...}:)
It's rather freeing actually to not feel like I have to "primp" as we're calling it. i probably don't b/c My mom used to take like 2 hours to get dressed /put together in the morning and it drove me nuts.

still fast

Even without primping, that's pretty fast. A shower alone takes me 10-15 minutes if I wash my hair, and that's before drying off, putting in my contacts, putting lotion on my very dry skin, and putting clothes on. Making my bed takes 10 minutes because I'm converting my futon from bed to couch (have to strip all the bedding and fold it up).

O.K. I guess I'm fast then ;)

hehe. ok- well if it makes you feel any better,lol, if I fo take a shower, and do all the primping and lotioning- it takes me about 45-minutes to an hour. And I don't have the futon to deal with. If i did it wouldn't get made - LOL although, the bed rarely does and it takes like 2 min. :)

futon-bed conversion

I'd love to be lazy about the futon, but it's simply not an option. I'm in a one-room apartment, and several pieces of furniture in here serve double duty. If I didn't fold up the bed, I'd have no place to sit!

Wouldn't we all

Wouldn't we all love to be lazy? but like ya said- most times it just ins't an option ;)

Milo 9am

Am starting the day with strict schedule and firm resolve. Let's see how I go THIS time!!!!

Ta Da:
- up late (6:35 instead of 6:15) but managed to still be ready on time, thank goodness
- kids fed, dressed and happy :)
- counted fundraisin gmoney
- returned fund-raising money to childcare centre
- had 2 chocolate biscuits for breakfast (forgot to have breaky at home!)

To Do:
- CUOP (briefly – 10 mins only)
- Check emails (not business, just work – 10 mins)
- Frog 1 (3 sets of 30 mins)
- Frog 2 (3 sets of 30 mins)
- Frog 4 (3 sets of 30 mins) (I haven’t missed Frog 3, it’s scheduled for tomorrow!)
- Job A ready to test (1hr)
- Job B ready to test (15 mins)
- Job C changes made (10 mins)
- Job D review of requested changes and set up meeting (30 mins)
- Make system changes for a project and teach someone how to do it for when I leave (2 hrs)

Chocolatey biscuits for breakfast?!

I want some.

Yea- how about those biscuits?

Got a recipe for those you wanna share? Is that an Australia thing? I haven't ever heard of chocolate biscuits.... but they sure sound like something i should try with some Coffee.

don't be too strict

If you try to put yourself into a strait jacket, you're likely to rebel. I'd suggest a loose structure. Don't try to be too strict about it, or you set yourself up to fail.

It's actually working

I have stuck to my schedule so far, except I wasn't hungry when I had scheduled lunch...too many biscuits }:) so I just keep working and did the stuff I was scheduled to do after lunch.

I sort of expected you to say that to me, actually, because I briefly had the same thoughts. But it's actally working!

Firm is great

Just don't be mean to yourself! Go get 'em today, Milo! (I had fantastic success with getting things done today by putting out a big frog to work on! By procrastinating frantically, I got all kinds of ~other~ things done. Got anything bigger than your biggest current frog to load into your schedule as an incentive?) :lol: