Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Buisness Meeting Minutes

Buisness Meeting  dt. 27 December 2009

Members Present :

1) Movingalong   2) Samssa

Matters Discuessed:

1) Silent Invocation of Group Higher Power.

2) Disucssion of issues raised by Samssa via email dt. 25 October 2009 regarding lack of sponsorships and recovery partners in the fellowship and members during meetings.

3) Movingalong brought to the notice of the group that

              i.  Many other 12 step fellowships have different concepts of recovery partners including in

                       a. Underearners Anonymous have "action partners". 

                       b. Clutterers Anonymous  have "decluttering buddies".

                       c.  Debtors Anonymous has TWO peers to be your "pressure relief team " who  you meet  regularly to brainstorm financial solutions.

                      d . Overeaters Anonymous has a 'food sponsor" someone you check in with daily for food accountability

              ii. Suggestions to deal with  lack of sponsors in P.A.

                       a. Underearners Anonymous  a relatively new fellowship suggests that you get a sponsor from ANY other 12 Step fellowship who has worked the 12 steps and  In Oveareaters Anyonomous you have a main sponsor that you work the 12 steps with and a recovery partner who you check in with daily for food accountability. Thus, combining practices from both , we could start using a 12 Sponsor from another fellowship ( AA, NA etc) and get a recovery partner from our own fellowship, Procrastination Anonymous.

                    b.   Step Sponsor is about the Steps and Recovery Partner is  about the tools.


3. Samssa proposed that recovery partners be classified into short term or long term  and be called Tasks Partner and  Project Partners respectively. Taks Partners would be someone we maintain accountability with for daily Tasks while a Project Partner would be someone we maintain accountability with regard to a Special and Longer Term Project.

4. Movingalong proposed that a  new tool be added to the Tools of Recovery including  taking satisfaction in tasks and projects completed and celebrating completed Tasks instead of focusing exclusively on unfinished and pending Tasks which can lead to further procrastination and perfectionism .

5. Meeting ended with Silent Prayer and Gratitude to H.P. for a productive business meeting.

Kudos to both of you for

Kudos to both of you for clearly having a fantastic meeting with only two of you!

I'm up for being a recovery partner (either class) and I have to say a BIG vote of confidence in the new tool! Very important one, I think.