Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Another Tool Needed

I think an other important tool is needed.  Taking satisfaction from our accomplishments.  That is the most imnspiring thing we can do and breaks the cycle of low Self Esteem which may be at the heart of procrastinating.



progress not Perfection 

i think this is a really

i think this is a really important thought--how many times do I actually do something and then say or think something negative about my effort?.... I'm not quite sure whether this is a tool, or a sign of recovery, or actually both: either way something important to practice.

#3 Promise of Recovery we use in the phone bridge

Encorporating the thought in the form of a tool may look like the third promise in our morning meeting as the reverse of promise #3 of recovery;


How would the tool be written?

We on the phone bridge are trying to round the tools to twelve can you give me a your idead for the new tool?  How would it be written?   

We ask a Higher Power for divine ideas and guidance, then take confident actions knowing  that God can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves,  and that our actions are good enough.


New Tool for Recovery: Feel Joy

Here are my thoughts: 

I think it is closely related to 2 4 and 12 in signs of recovery.

My personal feeling is that it has to be a tool.  We must be proactive about it or it will not come on its own.   

That is why it seems to me we need a tool, a promise is not enough.  Its a matter of taking personal responsiblity for our feelings.  

Here is an example: I heard second hand that Weight Watchers meetings work on the principle of giving rewards for various milestones.  It is a slightly different approach from 12 steps but very successful.  I know that what works for me is seeing the cross outs on my list and on the list of others.  I get very enthused.  Internalizing the habit of allowing that good feeling to be felt when a small task or step is completed (or attempted) is what is needed.    

We can discuss whether there is some benefit of having an external support system e.g., toher people, that fosters that joy.  Feeling good about doing every step (and not postponing joy until the big project is completed) is critical. 

 I think the tools as written are so good I would not want to fiddle with them too much.  If we add:  too many can get unwieldy.

We might write it something like this:

Feel satisfaction in every effort and the completion of each task or project no matter how small.  Share these successes with others who are supportive. Don't postpone joy for the "big event".  

But its probably better to fit it in with an existing tool.  

What do you think?


Process not Perfection