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TV show: _Intervention_ on A&E

Intervention is not a book, but a TV show on A&E, but this is a review, and so "Procrastination Books" seemed the closest forum fit.

I've seen two episodes of this show. They are about serious drug addicts. The family hires the show to guide the intervention, ending in the person choosing or not to go to a detox facility.

It's an interesting show, but i mention it because i see myself, and in some sense, us, in these addicts.

The most striking thing about the drugs is that they are escaping. The addicts use the drugs to avoid a feeling of pain. That scares me, because that's why i idly surf the web. To avoid discomfort. For example the discomfort of being behind at work, or having too much to do, or fear that something will not work out ok.

It is very unnerving to think that if my situation had been different, i might have chosen alcohol or drugs to escape, and not online distractions.

So, God, thank you that the 'drug' i have happened to choose will not kill me eventually.

Also, thank you God that my drug itself is not addicting. For these ppl addicted to drugs--they take drugs initially to escape the pain in their life, but when they come off the high, they experience a new pain of withdrawal, and then have to use again to escape that pain. And that is a very present, extreme pain that distracts them from every other goal in life.

The other thing that's unnerving to me is that in the two shows i saw, the addicts were aware they were addicts, aware that it was destroying them, but still wanted that next hit. Sadly, i recognized that in myself. My wife will see me playing a video game and ask if i'll be ready for dinner, and i'll say, "just a sec."

Once again, because my drug is tamer, this doesnt happen to me several times a day, but more like once or twice a week. But for these severe addicts, several times a day they're escaping from what they know is true to get that next hit. The escape has a stranglehold on their decision making. My escape merely biases my decision making.

Now the best part is the intervention. And this has me tripping. The addict is sitting there, and they're thinking about their next hit. But what's happening is that love, yes LOVE, the Love of their framily and friends is barraging them, yanking on their decision making process. Love is an army attcking the prison they're trapped in. They are made to understand that if they destroy themselves, they will be devestating the ppl around them in that room who love them. And when the addicts decided to go into treatment, it's out of love, not of themselves, but so they dont hurt the ppl who love them.

And i gotta love any show where Love triumphs!

Unfortunately, both the shows i saw had a followup text which reported that the addicts relapsed.

There but by the grace of god go i.

awesome show!

I have seen many episodes and had the same thoughts and reactions which you so eloquently described!

I have experienced, been addicted to, many things in my life and relate so much to the struggle of addiction and the urge to escape... avoid... as is often said at PA - I have an addictive personality and can turn anything into an addiction I think. I am grateful for the ones God has delivered me from that could have killed me and for finding this fellowship and the knowledge of what is at the ROOT of all my addictions, an addiction of avoidance. Day by day I see progress and I have hope and faith that God will lead me to overcome this too! 

I have seen several reunion episodes of the show where some of the most addicted were still in recovery - a beautiful thing about it is that most go on to help others and their struggle creates an instant fellowship and support for eachother and their families. One of the interventionists shared, he had been sober for a long time, big part of the show, yet had a relapse which he publicly shared and the love and support was so beautiful! 

One intervention said  - most addicts stick to a life that is killing them because of the fear and desire to avoid just 3 to 7 days of withdrawl and the pain of it. To choose misery and pain over facing a week or less of pain... been there...  only love and support and understanding can conquer that!

One of my favorite scriptures is

Love bears up under anything and everything that comes, is ever ready to believe the best of every person, its hopes are fadeless under all circumstances, and it endures everything [without weakening]. Love never fails!!!   1 Corintians 13:8-9

 Thanks for sharing this here :-) anyone that doesn't know the show will be blessed to see it.