Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

12 Steps: I would like to find a PA *sponsor*

Hello everyone,

My situation is a bit challenging for me at the moment. And I'm feeling discouraged after initally making progress in my other 12-step program with many of the inter-connected issues I struggle with, including problems with distraction/avoidance . I thought I'd found someone to sponsor me in that program, but it turned out the person still had some really big unresolved issues and was kind of in denial about it :sad: and the situation wasn't as supportive as at first I imagined. So I cut off that contact, but am now missing knowing that I had someone to talk with about the specifics of my situation.

I have also come to realize that perhaps the most insidious of my issues, and underlying the others, is this problem of not being clear about priorities and distracting myself from focusing on important things. It does seem that if I approach this problem successfully, the other issues fall into place.

Given that our forum here is not the best place to discuss very specific details - nor is the potential chat meeting, I'm feeling I could really benefit by having a sponsor, or someone who wants to concurrently work on the steps with me, to include more or less daily (or every few days?) phone calls (I use Skype so no issue for me with calling rates in the US or Canada) or email correspondence?  I'm certainly willing to offer the same kind of support to someone to the best of my ability.  It's not that I dont' know what to do or how to proceed, but sometimes that clarity gets 'lost' when it only exists in my own personal reality without any external support. I can't afford therapy or a coach right now; I actually perfer peer support anyways.

Please let me know if you are interested!




Just a note to say I made some progress tonight after work and dinner in dealing with my backlog of "stuff" here at home and got quite a few bags of clothes, etc. together and out to Goodwill. While I need to do much more of this, at least I made some progress on getting rid of unneeded stuff that is cluttering the house and my life. Most nights I am too tired to tackle this or I put it off - forever.




I am interested - perhaps a co-sponsor/pro buddy? I find this group really works and it is mostly because of the acceptance, support, and connection. I belong to other 12 step groups and only now see how much of a cover up(excuse) my visible addictions were for my avoidance issues. People in the other groups were not really knowing what I was saying and I was too ashamed to tell others. I was living in quiet desperation until, by God's grace, found this site.I was amazed that there were other people like me out there. I am still in the learning stages of this program and step 1& 2, but it is the only safe place I can go an be understood. I was so tired of people saying, you have so much potential................. It is equivalent to someone saying she is so beautiful, if only she would lose weight...........Or, he is such a great person, if only he wouldn;t drink...............



My will won't get me recovery

Hi All,

I am requesting someone who has had some recovery in this program to be a sponsor at least temporary if time will permit.  This problem is at the forefront of every negative experience in my life.

I am stressed to the gills and absolutely paralyzed and it shows up in business and is killing me and my finances.  There is a bit of fear but I don't understand the zoning out, the avoidance of everything that could make my finances manageable.  I am always late no matter how early I begin preparation for an appointment.  I am willing to work the steps and allow a power greater than myself to turn this addition away from me.  I can be very flexible right now.





will and recovery

i kno how you feel, spirit. I have felt that way many times. Several ppl have come here asking for sponsorship, and since we are all still pretty much recoverING i'm not sure if there is anybody available to be a sponsor.

That, and having one more important thing in our lives to juggle makes it that much harder.

for my part, i basically didnt work all day yesterday, being lost in the transition from a big weekend and lost in distraction. Today is going much better. So i'm not sure i have the "view from the other side". Tho i do think these days i recover much faster from slip-ups.

That said, if u read in this thread, u can see how to email other users. If u want to email me and u think i can help, we can talk about it.

The next best thing to a real life sponsor is the daily check-in and the chat. PPL do share their struggles on an hour by hour basis there, and give e/o support.

About checkin, if you can get yourself to check-in even when you're doing badly, it really helps. PPL are so UN-judgmental here. We have all been there and kno where you're coming from. It's quite a blessing.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb


I would like to try it, but need to think about how to work this into my life responsibly. Let me get back to you.


e - I'm really happy to know you are considering it.  Please know that I am flexible on the timing, and frequency of calls or correspondence. Somehow working on the steps without someone there as a 'witness' just doesn't have the same power for me. So I'm open to suggestions as to how this might be structured.  I'll look forward to hearing back from you!  :)


I wrote to Pro and she told me the following "Anyone can email you by clicking on your username and using the Contact form. If you respond to their email they'll have your address, but they won't until you do." click on my username and I will write you back and see if we can come up with something.

clarification (or is that obfuscation?)

e wrote: "I wrote to Pro and she told me..."

She? Maybe I'm a "he". I've never told anyone - it's a secret. I'm like Pat on Saturday Night Live.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

email contact?

Hi e,
Thanks for following up - sorry I'm not quite keeping up with all the posts the this forum, but I am trying (just pretty overwhelmed at the moment).

Regarding email through the contact profile - it seems to me that this feature is disabled.  When I registered I indicated to enable email function, but the cntact area still says that I have email disabled.  So I thought the email function didn't work. 

In any case, if you'd like, email me at  I'll come back and delete this afterwads. Thanks!!

cant edit posts after someone replies?

i believe that i've observed that if someone replies to your post, you can't change it anymore.  Azya prove me wrong!  Otherwise, you might need pro's help.

I suppose i can see the rason behind this policy:

original post:  "i think is great"
  reply: "i totally agree"

edited original post "i think sux[1]"
  existing reply remains: "i totally agree"

[1] this opinion is, of course, imaginary--real persons could not possibly hold such an opinion :)

Freezing post

Sorry for replying to that post.

Email contact feature

Ok, you both need to go to your 'my account' page,

to select the edit option along the top, then scroll down and make sure there's a tick next to 'Contact Settings - Personal contact form'.

Or these links respectively,

(it's not automatically enabled when you sign up)


Grail: help for the computer impaired

Got it

Thanks Grail,

Although *generally* speaking I'm not particularly computer impaired ;-) I even know CSS!! I just didn't scroll all the way down that page when I first looked at it.
And indeed it seems that I can't edit the post with the email address.  No big deal, I used an address/domain that I don't use much. It will likely be lost in the forum archives...

Well, I'm certainly impressed with how you all seem to keep so on top of the posts here.  I'm truly inspired...  but it may be awhile for me to get up to speed.

Thanks all..!

;) & HTML

not a problem.

And - sorry for not providing any info for the webpage thing, it's just it's been so long I don't know where any of the really introductory material is... !

Take a flashback to the 90s, and try out

HTML is all about tags - a <b> tag when you want to make something bold, and then and end tag </b> when you want to stop it looking bold.

See here

If you are using the Firefox webbrowser, you can just select some text, and right click to 'view source' and it will show you what the source looks like.

To create your first webpage - open up notepad (not wordpad),
(I'll note the lines you should type with :  - so don't type the ':' itself!)
and type in
This tells your browser that this will be an HTML webpage!
This tells your browser that content that you will see in the main part of the screen is beginning.
and then,
Type some text!
Hello, this is E here! Or something like that.

This tells the computer that that's all the content for the main page.
This tells the computer your page is finished.

Now save the file to somewhere accessible, like your desktop, as test.html (or mypage.html, or anything like that).
Now go to that file and double click on it. It should open up in your browser, and will just be a pain white page, with the text you wrote.

Now, right click on the file, and open it up in notepad again (open with...).

You can change the background colour of the page by changing <body> to
:<body bgcolor="green">

If you look, there is no title for the page - the bit you see in the top bar along your browser.
You can add this by after <html> making it
This tells your computer that information that isn't contained within the main screen is starting
:<title>Your title here!</title>
Yup, that's the title!
:<body bgcolor="green">
:Your text here!

You can go here -
to see how to change the font options, and add images, and it has a very good explanation of 'tables' (how to lay things out on the screen).

Anyway, I really recommend you get so you can change fonts around, add images, add links, and build tables.
That shouldn't take too long, and once you can do that?

See if you can get a copy of a program Dreamweaver, even a really old version.

Why did I suggest you learn how to do it by hand first if I'm just going to suggest a program? Because if you just use a program to do it, it's very easy to get confused, and not understand how things work - realising how simple it is, gives you the confidence and ability to use the programs more effectively, and then of course, you can save time typing out all the formatting by using a program.
Seriously, spending 2 hours on learning to do it with notepad will save you more than 2 hours in learning how to use a web-editing program.

Oh dear.
That's me - procrastinating badly. o_O



you are a wonderful, helpful person who is procrastinating, and I, for one, appreciate it, but know that it is not the right time for you. I am now copying and pasting your instructions so I can use them for my next assignment!

hugggggggggggs! e